ONLINE nakagin capsule tower tour


Online tour for you who simply can not make it to the Nakagin Capsule Tower!

We will welcome you into the tower and the capsule room that you’ve always dreamed of through the screen. On this tour, we will go a lot deeper about many “Why”s that you may have about the tower by using images and graphics.

Why was this building made?
Why was Kisho Kurokawa chosen to design this building?
Why is it loved by people from all around the world?
Is it true that the building will be demolished?

On top of those questions, you will get a glimpse of the Capsule Tower resident’s lifestyle, and the current preservation situation. 

At the end of the tour, you will get to know so much that you would want to tell your friends. We believe that action would be the best support to preserve the legacy in Tokyo. 

What's Included

Professional Guide too passionate about the Nakagin Capsule Tower.

How does this work?

This experience is hosted online. Once you book, you'll receive an email with a link and details on how to join by day before.

Meeting point

You no longer need to take trains and subways (nor planes!) to come all the way to the Nakagin Capsule Tower! You can enjoy from your living room computer or ipad, from the comfort and safety of your home.

Thank you for your support

This tour is supported by the Nakagin Capsule Tower Preservation & Restoration Project and part of the tour fee will be donated to support the project.

Tour Pricing

  • Group tour ¥2,000

    Enjoy the tour with people from all around the world!!

    Tour date: Check the availability in the calendar on the right top
    (the tour date will only show after selecting the number of participants)

    Tour time: 10am/ 5pm JST
    Duration: 1hour

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Payment Options

We will gladly accept online payment via stripe.

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It was a pleasure to learn more about the tower and its context and details.
The presentation was clear and straight to the point, balancing specific knowledge with contextual information and accessible for both specialists and non-specialized audiences.
It would be lovely to have a real visit. Hope this pandemic fades away soon and I can find my way to Tokyo, which I would love to.
André Tavares, architect, Portugal
July 2021
I have been interested in this Nakagin Capsule Tower tour for a long time, and even it was virtually, I really enjoyed it. The tour is packed with information, historical photographs and images. I was really impressed with the preparation and kindness of the architect Yasuo and guide Yuka. They answered all my questions and it was great to talk with them about the building and Kurokawa. The Capsule Tower is really worth a visit, even virtually, it's a building with a unique look and history.
Josephine from Italy
June 2021
What a nice experience to join the Nakagin capsule tower online tour today. Our guide was so knowledgeable and eager to explain all about Nakagin Capsule Tower that I fully understood history, building structure and concept and how she and her team love this building. Photo, video and Power Point were effectively used to show the inside/outside of capsule, background of Japanese architecture and its aesthetic value. Hope Nakagin will be preserved in the future and Looking forward to joining actual tour someday again.
Nobu from Japan
June 2020
I greatly enjoyed and consider myself to be very fortunate to have had the opportunity. Very positive for me was that you clearly have a true interest in the tower and enjoy sharing your knowledge of its history and status. That makes all the difference and is the basis a good tour. I liked the way you involved us in the discussion and asked for views and opinions. I think you got a good balance between the presentation side and the interaction side. The technology worked well. Before the tour I was not familiar with Zoom, but found it quite easy to use, so I think you picked a good platform.
Phil from UK
May 2020
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