Tokyo-based, enthusiast-led, architecture-driven

Showcase Tokyo is a team of the local accredited tour guide of Japan, so much in love with architecture. We curate Tokyo from the perspective of a professional tour guide and architecture enthusiast who knows Tokyo inside and out. How was Tokyo designed? What did world-renowned architects want to accomplish in Tokyo? What architecture is changing in Tokyo, and what architecture is staying the same? While enjoying maniacal conversations among architecture enthusiasts, we will guide you to the best of Tokyo today. 

Because we love architecture so much...

When we go on an architecture tour, we wanted to be guided by a like-minded person, full of passion when we are on an architecture tour. We wanted to hear more than just the facts on who designed the building and when but great stories to individual architectural works. We also know that there are no "answers" to appreciate architecture. We have always had enjoy communication with the guide and fellow participants during the tour because a different perspective would enhance the architectural experience. It is not the architecture lesson that we wanted to provide in our architecture tour.

We care how Tokyo looks like in future.

We believe it is our mission to support the local preservation project to save our legacy, to pass on the voices to the world.

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We will be delivering updates on the current construction progress from the site!

Find out what “Reversible Destiny” means and the unique colors, shapes, and textures behind! 

Together we will appreciate the sophisticated district of Ginza to discover how they pass on the tradition in contemporary works.