Tokyo-based, enthusiast-led, architecture-driven

Showcase Tokyo comprises a team of local, accredited tour guides who are deeply passionate about architecture. We offer curated experiences of Tokyo, combining our professional expertise in guiding with our enthusiasm for architecture. We know Tokyo like the back of our hand. What were the design principles behind Tokyo's cityscape? What goals did world-renowned architects aim to achieve here? What elements of Tokyo's architecture are changing, and what remains the same? While fostering engaging discussions among architecture enthusiasts, we guide you to the most fascinating and vibrant facets of Tokyo's current architectural landscape.

Our love for architecture runs deep...

When embarking on an architectural tour, we seek guidance from those who share our passion, who can deliver more than just the basic facts of who designed a building and when it was built. We yearn for compelling stories behind individual architectural masterpieces. We understand that there are no definitive "answers" in appreciating architecture. A different perspective can greatly enhance the architectural experience, which is why we value open communication with our guides and fellow participants during our tours. Our goal is not to provide a simple architecture lesson. Instead, we aim to offer a rich, multi-faceted exploration that delves into the heart of architectural beauty.

We deeply care about Tokyo's future landscape

We firmly believe it's our mission to support local preservation projects. By safeguarding our heritage, we ensure that the echoes of our past resonate with the world, informing the cityscapes of tomorrow.

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