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Showcase Tokyo is a team of the local accredited tour guide of Japan, so much in love with architecture. With our deep knowledge, we enjoy sharing some charming stories behind the great works in Tokyo. We offer various private architecture tours, which provide you a better understanding of the area and new ways of viewing Tokyo's attractions at your speed. On top of being an architecture guide, we are also here to be your personal guide in Tokyo. We put importance on mutual communication and would adjust the itinerary depending on your interest to make your experience the most informative and memorable. 

Because we love architecture so much...

We wanted to be guided by a like-minded person, full of passion when we are on an architecture tour. We wanted to hear more than just the facts on who designed the building and when. There should be lots of stories to individual architectural works. We also know that there are no "answers" to appreciate architecture. We have always had enjoy communication with the guide and fellow participants during the tour because a different perspective would enhance the architectural experience. It is not the architecture lesson that we wanted to provide in our architecture tour.

We care how Tokyo looks like in future.

We believe it is our mission to support the local preservation project to save our legacy, to pass on the voices to the world.

Important notice (updated 24 Aug 2021):

Our tours (in-person tour) will be canceled from 25th Aug 2021 to the end of September 2021 due to the expanding cases in COVID-19 in Tokyo.

The ONLINE tour is available during that period.

Stay safe and looking forward to seeing everyone soon!



VIRTUAL Nakagin Capsule Tower tour for you to enjoy what this building is all about from home! 

Step inside and you will be taken back to 1970, the retro-future of TOKYO. 

Quick and easy 90min to understand the Japanese modern architectural history.

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