Omotesando Architecture Tour

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More Than 'Tokyo's Champs-Élysées'.

Omotesando is often described as Tokyo’s Champs-Élysées due to the high concentration of luxury brands and flagship stores. However, what truly stands out is not just that these buildings represent their brands, but that each piece of architecture smartly resonates with the history of Omotesando.


Embark on a captivating journey through the heart of contemporary Japanese architecture, starting from the entrance of Meiji Shrine, which gave rise to this gorgeous boulevard.

Discover the groundbreaking designs of acclaimed architects like Tadao Ando, Kengo Kuma, and Kenzo Tange as we weave through its streets. Delve into charming side alleys, where the pulse of traditional life beats alongside modern coffee shops and chic fashion boutiques.

For an unforgettable experience, join us on our evening tours, where the neighborhood transforms under the mesmerizing glow of lights, offering a whole new perspective on its dynamic energy.

Tour Detail


3hours by walking.
We love exploring on foot because there are so many things we can find. During the tour, we'll stop by a local cafe for a short break.
Starting at 10:30am, 1pm, and 4pm for twilight tour during the summer time.

What's included

A tour by an architecture expertise guide too passionate about Omotesando Architecture.

What's not included

Hotel pick up, Drinks during the tour.

This tour is specially suitable for

those eager to immerse themselves in the renowned works of prominent Japanese architects from the past two decades, all in one comprehensive experience. It's perfect for enthusiasts who have either visited or dreamt of exploring Naoshima to admire the architectural wonders of Tadao Ando and SANNA.

Meeting Point

Cafe 'Mori no Terrace' in front of the Meiji Shrine. The café 'Mori no Terrace' is situated near the grand wooden Shinto gate of Meiji Shrine (Meiji Jingu). Accessing Meiji Shrine is convenient from JR Harajuku station; simply proceed through the Omotesando gate and exit from the west side. Please note that this café is distinct from the one within Meiji Shrine, despite the similarity in name. You won't go through any Shinto gates on your route from JR Harajuku station to our meeting point.

Tour Itinerary

10:30am/1:00pm/4:00pm - Tour Start

Our journey begins at 'Mori no Terrace' located in front of the iconic Meiji Shrine. From there, we'll marvel at Tokyo's renowned landmarks, such as the majestic Yoyogi Gymnasium, while also taking in the distinctive architecture of contemporary fashion boutiques like Dior Omotesando, Omotesando Hills, Louis Vuitton, Sunny Hills, and Prada Aoyama from a distance.
Additionally, we'll venture into the enchanting backstreets to uncover hidden gems nestled within this charming neighborhood.

13:30pm/4:00pm/7:00pm -Tour Finish

The tour concludes at the bustling Omotesando intersection, conveniently located near Omotesando subway station.

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