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Our Story

Showcase Tokyo is your gateway to the architectural wonders of this vibrant metropolis. Our team is a dynamic blend of government-licensed tour guides, each brimming with experience and a contagious enthusiasm for Tokyo's built environment. While not all of us bear the title of professional architects, our passion for architectural design is unwavering. We are professionals of diverse backgrounds, united by our love for the city's architectural tapestry and our devotion to unveiling the captivating narratives etched into Tokyo's skyline. Age is no barrier to our shared vision. The varied age ranges within our team breathe a vitality into our narratives, as we merge our distinctive insights and experiences to curate a storytelling experience like no other. Our diverse backgrounds transform our understanding of Tokyo into a rich mosaic of perspectives, making your tour an exploration of fascinating stories rather than a mere sightseeing trip. Beyond our role as architecture connoisseurs, we are also committed to being your personalized compass in Tokyo. Communication and customization are cornerstones of our services. We prioritize mutual interaction and go the extra mile to tailor your itinerary to your interests, ensuring your Tokyo experience is not only enlightening but also unforgettable. Delve into our private architectural tours, meticulously designed to deepen your understanding of the city. They invite you to experience Tokyo through a unique lens, offering fresh perspectives on the city's iconic landmarks. Your pace sets the rhythm of these tours, allowing you to take the time you need to truly appreciate the architectural splendors of Tokyo. Experience the city like never before with Showcase Tokyo - your key to unlocking the architectural treasures of this mesmerizing city.

Our Mission

Aiming for Sustainable Social Impact Through Architectural Preservation Witnessing novelty in our city is always exhilarating. However, there lies a delicate balance between innovative projects and needless destruction. The construction surge in the post-war era of rapid economic growth enhanced the quality of life for the Japanese people, but it also introduced a fleeting life cycle standard to Japanese architecture. We assert that each artifact holds critical importance, serving as a mirror reflecting the spirit of its time. This significance should be thoughtfully considered before deciding on demolition. We aspire not merely to preserve architecture based on sentimental value, but to recognize and appreciate the authentic worth of these artifacts. Our mission extends beyond preservation, aiming to educate those who may not have had the chance to understand the value of our rich architectural heritage. Through this, we seek to influence and enrich the perspectives of the Japanese community.

Our Team

For more than 8 years, Showcase Tokyo has been at the forefront of architectural discovery, leading insightful tours across Tokyo and its surrounding areas.

Yoshi Itoi

Tour Guide

Mari Sakai

Tour Guide

Yuki Deleon

Tour Guide

Aki Tanaka

Tour Guide

Mina Sakurai

Tour Guide (Spanish, French Speaker)

Chikako Matsubara

Tour Guide

Yoko Takada

Tour Guide

Yoshihiro Mizoguchi

Tour Guide (Architect)

Azumi Nakamura

Tour Guide (Chinese Speaker)

Yuka Yoshida

Director / Tour guide

Haruka Soga

Tour Guide

Yasuo Nakamaru

Tour Guide (Architect)

Eriko Okamatsu

Tour Guide

Yuichi Kawashima

Tour Guide