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Our Story

Showcase Tokyo is a team of well- experienced, government - licensed tour guides. Not all of us are professional architect however we are all some sorts of professional who are passionate architecture fans who love sharing charming stories behind the great works in Tokyo. With diverse background and age ranges we will be able to provide you the most interesting stories by mixing all of our knowledge. On top of being an architecture guide, we are also here to be your personal guide in Tokyo. We put big importance on mutual communication and would adjust the itinerary depending on your interest to make your experience the most informative and memorable.  We offer various private architecture tours, which provide you a better understanding of the area and new ways of viewing Tokyo's attractions at your speed.

Our Mission

We strive to be the influential team to have a social impact. It is always fun to see something new happening in the city. However there is always a thin line between new project and demolishment. Now that we are expecting the Olympic Games in Tokyo, buildings with historical value are in danger of being demolished. The construction boom during the post-war period of high economic growth enriched the lives of the Japanese people, but also brought short life cycle standard to Japanese architecture. We believe each of the artifacts are important as a mirror that reflects the times which need careful consideration when it comes to demolishment. Rather than thinking about the preservation of architecture with mere sentimental feelings, we would want to be a team who understand the real value of the artifact which eventually would influence the Japanese who haven't had a chance to be educated.

Our Team

For over 5 years, Showcase Tokyo has guided architectural exploration tours of Tokyo and surrounding areas.

Yoshi Itoi

Tour Guide

Mari Sakai

Tour Guide

Yoshie Kawashima

Tour Guide

Aki Tanaka

Tour Guide

Yuichi Kawashima

Tour Guide

Chikako Matsubara

Tour Guide

Yoko Takada

Tour Guide

Yoshihiro Mizoguchi

Tour Guide (Architect)

Azumi Nakamura

Tour Guide (Chinese Speaker)

Yuka Yoshida

Founder/ Tour guide

Haruka Soga

Tour Guide

Yasuo Nakamaru

Tour Guide (Architect)

Maru Kawana

Tour Guide (Chinese speaker)

Eriko Okamatsu

Tour Guide