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Showcase Tokyo is your gateway to the architectural wonders of this vibrant metropolis. Our team is a dynamic blend of government-licensed tour guides, each brimming with experience and a contagious enthusiasm for Tokyo’s built environment. While not all of us hold the title of professional architect, our passion for architectural design is unwavering. We are professionals from diverse backgrounds, united by our love for the city’s architectural tapestry and our devotion to unveiling the captivating narratives etched into Tokyo’s skyline.

For more than 9 years, Showcase Tokyo has been at the forefront of architectural discovery,
leading insightful tours across Tokyo and its surrounding areas.

Team Keywords

“Quality and Warmth”: Our top-quality guides are unmatched in professionalism, and also incredibly warm and easy to connect with. “Depth and Dimension”: We cater to guests looking for a deeper discussion of architecture, and integrate aspects of modern art and other fields to introduce Tokyo’s treasures from new dimensions. “Comfort and Excitement”: Our commitment to quality ensures comfort while guests exchange ideas with guides that will stimulate the mind and excite the soul.