Nakagin Capsule Tower Update 13 Aug, 2022

Demolition of Tower A has begun and the preservation capsules are being transported to storage more frequently. It seems all the capsules can be taken out by this August.

I would like to pay my respect to those who carefully dismantle the capsules and work in the boiling hot storage in Tokyo’s 35 degree Celsius temperatures and humidity every day.
Our last online tour at Nakagin Capsule Tower and to say goodbye to the capsules.
This time, we would have legendary Nakagin Capsule Tower lover DJ, cosplaykoechan with us!

Nakagin Capsule Tower Status report

25 Jun, 2022

For the third time, we conducted ONLINE Nakagin Capsule Tower tour on-site. It was the 75th day since capsule demolition began.

On this day, two capsules were removed. The first capsule was offloaded about half an hour before the tour start. It was then scrapped on site and the debris was trucked away. This happened only within an hour during our tour. 

By this time, we were getting quite used to hear that the capsules getting scrapped. However it was still very hurting to see the grapple crane looking like a dinosaur viciously crashing them into pieces.

Although, we really do appreciate that the capsules are taken out one by one, respected and more dignified than just rocking the wrecking ball. 

Below is video footage from the tour.

25- 27 Jun, 2022

Swiss creative duo get_it_studio held the exhibition, Nakagin Capsule Memories at wonderful art gallery and artist in residence, almost perfect in Kuramae. We were greatful that we were able to help their project by shearing our stories from our tours.

One of their creation was the 3D character “Memory keeper” who keeps all the memories that happened in the capsules alive. His head is trapped inside a capsule forever. 

get it studio instagram / website

Photo by courtesy of @getitstudio

5 Jul, 2022

Counting 85 days since the demolition started, the last capsule in Tower B was removed.

64 capsules was taken out in 34 days. Capsules were scrapped on the spot, but reusable interior equipments such as the shelves, audio equipment, and bathrooms were taken out and stored in advance in the temporary storage in Tokyo.

photo by courtesy of @cosplaykoechan

7 Jul, 2022

Iconic “Nakagin” sign removed and the demolition had continued on to Tower A. 


video by courtesy of @cosplaykoechan

Nakagin Capsule Tower Preservation and Restoration Project has announced the donation of shell condition capsules exclusively to schools of architecture and art (limited only to school in Japan).

In addition to museums, commercial and lodging facilities, we receive inquiries from architecture and art schools that want to take over the shell condition capsule and create a new interior with their students, which we think would be a great teaching material.

14 JUl, 2022

Capsules to be preserved are wrapped in the limited space on Tower B. You can find the sign on the window saying “this is the capsule to keep”.

Waiting for the moment to be sent to the temporary storage somewhere in Tokyo…


16 JUl, 2022

First two capsules were transported to the “Capsule refurbishment factory”. This is the first time in 50 years that a capsule from Nakagin Capsule Tower has been on a public road. Under the supervision of Kisho Kurokawa & Associates, we will restore the capsule to the original specifications at the time of tower completion.

21 Jul,2022
Right to reconstruct iconic Nakagin Capsule Tower go on auction block

Kisho Kurokawa Architects & Urban Design will distribute the rights to reconstruct the building. 

The rights will be sold using 3D data created from a total of 144 architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical drawings of the building owned by Kurokawa’s office. The location and use of the building can be freely determined. There is no limit to the number of buildings that can be constructed.
In addition, the rights to reproduce the building as NFT art in the “Metaverse,” a virtual space on the Internet, will also be offered for sale. The rights to reproduce the building as NFT art in the “Metaverse,” a virtual space on the Internet, will be sold on the “OpenSea”.


12 Aug, 2022

Finally our beloved A904 capsule which we had used in our tour has been removed.

We have such a wonderful time and memories there. 
We would look forward to see it reborn!

3 capsules were delivered to the warehouse this day which brings the total to 12 capsules transported until now.

Don’t miss this great interview with cosplaykoechan looking down the demolition site!
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