Nakagin Capsule Tower

Thank you for joining our Virtual Tour!

We had a fantastic time this week meeting over 40 people online for our Virtual Nakagin Capsule Tower tour!  We do miss the real tour in the tower however, it was so nice to talk to our guests again, sharing … Read More

Nakagin Capsule Tower Virtual Tour

We are excited to announce that we are launching a virtual tour for Nakagin Capsule Tower. We have time slots available on following time. Please check your local time zone to see any of the time fit your schedule! Time … Read More

Nakagin Capsule Tower introduced on NHK-World shows

Two great videos on NHK World- Japan about buildings in Ginza and Shinbashi area in English. Along with our beloved Nakagin Capsule Tower, there are so many more charming buildings with characters existing in this dense area. They may not … Read More

The Japan times Sunday Nov 10, 2019

Updates on Nakagin Capsule Tower featured in the Japan Times on Sunday Nov 10 edition. 🗞🗞

中銀膠囊大樓內部參觀@中文導覽 (2019年7月)

如果要預訂導覽,請點擊<搶先預訂>按钮! ・導覽時間: 2019年7月18日(周四) 下午13:00-13:50 ・参加費用:每人5000日圓  ・名額有限,毎場最多5人 “中銀膠囊大樓”位在日本銀座,是世界級建築巨匠黑川紀章的作品、在世界建築史上有相當高的評價。 由於建築物本身是住宅也是辦公大樓,所以平常不對外開放。 我們Showcase和中銀膠囊大樓保存再生活動代表人合作,定期安排外國觀光客參觀中銀膠囊大樓。透過我們預約導覽行程可以進入內部感受世界建築迷的聖地空間。 機會難的! 歡迎各位一同来親身體驗!

Shown in the Sydney Morning Herald

Our Nakagin Capsule Tower tour was introduced last weekend in both print and online in the travel supplement of the Sydney Morning Herald! Thank you to Mark and we hope that we can share a good news with you soon!…

中銀膠囊大樓內部參觀@中文導覽 (2019年5月/6月)

如果要預訂導覽,請點擊<搶先預訂>按钮! ・導覽時間: 2019年5月23日(周四) 下午13:00-13:50 2019年6月13日(周四) 下午13:00-13:50 2019年6月14日(周五) 下午13:00-13:50 ・参加費用:每人5000日圓 ・名額有限,毎場最多5人  “中銀膠囊大樓”位在日本銀座,是世界級建築巨匠黑川紀章的作品、在世界建築史上有相當高的評價。 由於建築物本身是住宅也是辦公大樓,所以平常不對外開放。 我們Showcase和中銀膠囊大樓保存再生活動代表人合作,定期安排外國觀光客參觀中銀膠囊大樓。透過我們預約導覽行程可以進入內部感受世界建築迷的聖地空間。 機會難的! 歡迎各位一同来親身體驗!

The Tower attracting artists

We meet so many great people joining our Nakagin Capsule Tower tour. Architects, Students who are studying Architecture, huge Architecture fans, and many artists. Marcin, who is now staying at the artist residency in Kuramae, ALMOST PERFECT, was one of … Read More

796 guests joined our Nakagin Capsule tower tour in 2018!

Arigatogozaimas to everyone for joining our tours this year!! We marked 796guests to Nakagin Capsule Tower tour alone which is amazing! We will continue on supporting Nakagin Capsule Tower Preservation and Restoration project in 2019 as well and looking forward to … Read More

We are on WAttention TOKYO NOW video! interview with Maeda san from 中銀カプセルタワービル(Nakagin Capsule Tower) on WAttention Tokyo Now video is on now! We need your help to save our beloved Nakagin Capusule Tower. Spread the word if you agree!