Why ONLINE Tour?

Online tour is a great way to experience the area from your comfort of your homes and offices.
Two way communication is something you can not gain from the youtube video. We respond to your comments, questions and share more of what you would like to know.

Safe and Easy

No one would want to get sick, get lost on our way to the meeting point or caught in an accident.
We are committed to your health and safety in and around Tokyo.
We would not make you walk or even fly to Japan!

Because we love

sharing amazing stories! However, it is not always possible to share you all when we are outside walking with you.

During the ONLINE tour, our guides will be able to explain using videos, photos, and series of documentation to give you a deeper understanding of the destination which we would not be able to share during the walking tours.
You will travel beyond time and space, enjoy the artifacts from above and below.

It is a totally different experience to a real tour. 

The ONLINE tour is not simply about shooting the original walking tour.
It is no alternative to the original off-line tour.
By using technology, there are so many more interesting stories we can share with you.
Imagine how exciting it would be to meet amazing people with the same interests from all over the world online!