Nakagin Capsule Tour Weekly tour closed until 7th Mar

Nakagin Capsule Tour Weekly tour
closed until 7th Mar

Happy New Year and here we go again…

Although the coronavirus has not spread in Japan as badly as in Europe and North America, infection numbers have increased considerably in the last few weeks.
Yesterday, a state of emergency was declared in the Tokyo region (Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa prefectures)  lasting until February 7. Mar 7th (updated 3 Feb,2021) .

We unfortunately have decided to stop accepting new bookings for Nakagin Capsule Tower weekly  tour until this “soft lockdown” is officially over to keep you, our guides, and residence safe and to be responsible citizens living in Tokyo.


I know, it is so sad not to be able to see you again.

But the bright side is that we still have the Online tour for you!
On top of the current Nakagin Capsule Tower online tour, we are now putting together Ueno park and Omotesando tour, so stay tuned for that too!!

We truly hope that you will be safe and well in this difficult time.
We will look forward to welcome you to the Capsule Tower.

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