Sunset at Tottori Sand Dunes

Hi there! How are you doing? I didn’t have time to post this blog article last week, yet I want to continue to write our trip to Yamaguchi, Shimane, and Tottori prefectures here again. I learned about Tottori Sand Dunes in social studies class when in elementary school. Since then, I’ve been interested in the place and I was hoping to go visit there sometime in the future. I’m so happy that my long time dream has eventually come true. And so thankful for my husband who made this possible, he drove more than 1,119 km all by himself!



It took 2 days to get to Tottori Sand Dunes from Kyushu island where we live. And the timing was just perfect. It was the most beautiful moment of a sunset of a sunny day. Tottori Sand Dunes were so spacious that it took more than 30 minutes to climb up the sand hill which faces the Sea of Japan.


IMG_1280 4

I really appreciate that we could walk on the sand by ourselves and we could see the stunning view. When we were looking down the ocean sitting on the sand hill, the sunset made me encouraged. I was telling my husband that I want my dreams to come true and I want to contribute to this society so passionately. You can ride a camel at this Sand Dunes but we weren’t able to see one.



The ocean and the sky and the Sand Dunes and the sunset. They all become one in this beautiful moment.



I remembered a song “Moon Desert”. It is a Japanese old song for children and my late uncle taught me and my brother sing the song many times.


Moon desert  Far away
Two camels making a trip
The camels have a saddle each
Gold saddle and a Silver saddle
The two walking side by side

月の砂漠を はるばると
旅のラクダ 行きました
金と銀との クラ置いて
二つ並んで 行きました

To be continued…



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