Capsule Metabolism Project Report 28 Apr 2023

28 Apr 2023 Capsule Metabolism Project Report

27 Apr 2023
Capsule Metabolism Project started

The “Capsule Metabolism Project” has started to re-use 23 capsules from the Nakagin Capsule Tower in art galleries and commercial facilities.

The Nakagin Capsule Tower, which was regretfully dismantled by many in 2022, has been restored to its appearance 50 years ago by removing 23 capsules from the building during its demolition and transporting them to a factory for restoration under the supervision of Kisho Kurokawa Architect & Associates.
With the desire to share these capsules with many people and provide a unique experience, the “Capsule Metabolism Project” was launched to exhibit them in art galleries and commercial facilities both domestically and internationally, and to reuse them as accommodation facilities and galleries.

Although the building was dismantled, by touching the capsules, the project aims to increase the number of capsule fans. The restored capsules have been transferred to their recipients since March, and several capsules that were previously prepared have announced their exhibition and operation schedules.

Press Release (Japanese)

Yodogawa Steel Works, Ltd.

One of the 23 capsules removed from Nakagin Capsule Tower was acquired by Yodogawa Steel Works, Ltd. and refurbished as a trailer capsule.


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SHOCHIKU Co., Ltd. plans to establish and open a new space called “SHUTL” (Shuttle) in the adjacent land to the Toho Building, where the company’s headquarters is located in Higashi-Ginza, in the fall of 2023, based on the SHOCHIKU Group’s mission to inherit and develop traditional Japanese culture and contribute to world culture.

The newly constructed building will store two capsules, and it is planned to use each capsule for planning, exhibiting, selling art and craft works, as well as planning and implementing events such as video screenings. The space can be rented from one capsule, and a variety of unique plans that make use of the capsule’s space and characteristics can be developed.

SHUTL website

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