Are you still running tours?  COVID-19 latest news.

Are you still running tours?
 COVID-19 latest news.

We understand how concerned you will be by hearing the news about the Japanese government encouraging some attractions, museums and schools to close temporarily to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus for few weeks. Even the March sumo tournament was going ahead with no spectators which is looking awfully weird. So would this mean that Japan is so unsafe to travel now?

Just because the government is asking people to work from home and stay away from the crowds, Tokyo is actually nice and uncrowded now. Trains are running with its windows open to get fresh air around and people are very keen on wearing masks when in public spaces. It is very normal for Japanese people wearing face masks when an individual feels like they might have even a mild cold or who suffer from hay fever tend to wear masks out of a courtesy to their friends and those around them.

So, our tours was running as usual until today, however, in light of the COVID-19 outspread throughout the world, border closure and travel alerts, we decided to stop accepting new bookings until 15 April to keep our guests and guides safe and to be a responsible citizen living in Tokyo.

We still have some Nakagin Capsule Tower tours planned next month which will run as planned with very small number of people (with our masks on).

In the closed place like Nakagin Capsule Tower, we are limiting people coming on the tour to 5 people to give enough space in a small room.
We give you the general information on the building from outside, and then welcome you in to the capsule room. While we are in the capsule for your photography and extra explanations, we will have the entrance door open for the ventilation for the whole time. We miss the friendly hand shakes and big hug at the end of the tour, but we will be aware of the social distance, until the condition get better.

For you who had already booked with us we will issue amended terms and conditions for the recent flight cancelations and government travel alerts.

Here is the information for you if you need to change/cancel you booking for next few weeks/ months.

Changing your tour now.

You are allowed to make a change to your tour and the change fee will be waived.

Cancelling your trip and go later.

Please let us know via email (don’t cancel your tour online yourself), and we will cancel your tour. We will keep you updated about the situation here and happy to send you the gift certificate for your tour in future.

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We are very happy to read kind messages from our guests who have decided to postpone their trips this Spring with a disappointment.

Coronavirus will get stamped out at some point and there is no reason to stop planning. If you are planning a trip for later in the year, let us know what you are looking for and how we can help. We will be updating the situation here so that you can comfortably enjoy your time.

We look forward to chatting over architecture!

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