Collaborated tour with NOHGA HOTEL UENO

Collaborated tour with

Happy to announce our collaborated tour with NOHGA HOTEL UENO starting soon!

We have two tours ready for you as the hotel original tour, which is the architecture tour in Ueno park / Yanaka, and hands-on workshop visit in Kuramae area. The architecture tour “Ueno and Yanaka architecture tour” will be held every Friday morning, visiting The National Museum of Western Art (1959 Le Corbusier) , The International Library of Children’s Literature (2015renovated by Tadao Ando) and Asakura museum of sculpture (1935 Fumio Asakura) after walking along Yanaka cemetery.
In the “Age-Old Craft in Modern Life: The Kuramae Hands-on Tour”, we will be visiting the small local workshops in Kuramae, traditional center of craftsmanship in Tokyo. Feel their passions towards what they make by communication and try creating a memorable gift for your self. The tour is held on random Tuesday so please check the detail for the date.
Both tour starts from NOHGA HOTEL from 9:30 and anyone can join in, even you are not the guest at NOHGA HOTEL. Let us navigate you through the best of Ueno and Kuramae in quick 3 hours in the morning. 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️
For more details click HERE.
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