Eat Eel in Yanagawa, the water capital

Hi there! How are you doing? Global warming is becoming so serious and right after we had heavy floods in Western Japan, abnormal heat wave is attacking all across the country. During the hot summer, we had a holiday of “The Ocean Day” on the 16th of July. My husband and I went to Yanagawa in Fukuoka that is called as a capital of water. The name of the city, Yanagawa means willow and river. There are many willow trees along the river in Yanagawa and the willows and the greenery change every season and you can enjoy the beauty whenever you visit the place.


In Yanagawa, river cruise is popular and just like Venice in Italy, a boatman sticks the bottom of the water with a bamboo and guides you around. The tourists and the boatman put on small umbrella shaped hat made of bamboo and it is very Japan. I think it looks so beautiful.


They went through the water moat .


And also, Yanagawa is famous for eels nationally. The consumption of eels in Japan is the biggest in the world. It is believed traditionally that if you eat eel in a hot summer, your fatigue because of the heat will go away and you get vigorous power to survive the hot summer. Therefore, to eat eel in summer is very meaningful in Japan and a lot of TV programs and other medias feature the topic of eels in this season. My husband and I went to an eel restaurant in Yanagawa.


We ordered this menu. It cost 4,428 yen, about 40 dollars per person and I know it is quite pricy. However, it totally worth I believe. They used 1,5 eels per person and the taste was fabulous. Washoku, aka Japanese cooking that became UNESCO world heritage puts so much value on eating seasonal ingredients. And to eat eels in a mid of hot summer represents the spirit so very well.


That’s all for today. Blessings to each one of you. I pray that people in the world would never give in to this abnormal climate.



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