Mt. Fuji, the symbol of Japan and the Ukiyoe works

Hello everyone! Today, I want to write about the greatest mountain of Japan, Mt. fuji. Mt. Fuji has been loved by Japanese since ancient era and we  are very proud of the mountain. It is a big thing if you could see the mountain from an airplane when you fly to and from Tokyo area. And the seats you can see Mt. Fuji are always so popular. The other day I was lucky to take these pictures from the sky, overlooking the mountain.


To climb Mt. Fuji and pray for the rising sun is very worthy in Japan and many Japanese and foreign tourists hope to experience it once in a lifetime. Mt. Fuji was registered as the UNESCO world heritage site in 2013 and since then, younger generations get interested in climbing the mountain also. There are many songs of Mt. Fuji both old and new as well.


In Edo period (1603~1868) Ukiyoe woodblock prints were extremely popular and many of the works were exported to Western countries. In the artworks of Ukiyoe, there are many pieces which were featuring Mt. Fuji. I bought these origami papers at a 100 yen shop (a dollar shop).


I thought many of Japanophiles all over the world would love these origami, so I want to share them here. When writing this article, lyrics of a famous song were echoing in my mind, “Showing the top above the clouds, Mt. Fuji is the greatest mountain in Japan”….


Well, that’s all for today. Abundant blessings to each one of you! See you soon!


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