the University of Tokyo and its architecture

Hi there! How are you doing? My friend and I walked around the most prestigious university in Japan, the University of Tokyo. This red gate is the symbol of the university, “enterting from the narrow gate”.


The red gate was built in 1827, and it is designated as national important cultural property. In Japan, if you say “the person went through the red gate smoothly” that means he/she passed the entrance exam of the University of Tokyo  directly from high school and it represents how brilliant that person is.


This is Yasuda auditorium, another symbol of the university. I got lost in front of the library and asked a student how to get to the auditorium. The campus was so historical and traditional. As it was drizzling in the evening, that’s why all the pictures are a little hazy.


The history of the University of Tokyo started in 1877, and 11 Nobel Prize winners have graduated from the university. If you recognize the university as a place that the supreme intelligence get together, there sure are proof and evidence of the achievements of the remarkable history.


In Japan, entering the University of Tokyo is equal to sacrifice everything in your childhood and do nothing but study. It means if you succeed a huge project of your youth or not. At the same time, it is very controversial that only winners of fierce “entrance exam war” can get tickets to study at the University of Tokyo. However, I do respect the value and the meanings of the supreme university and the influence that the university gave to the society.


It was very first time to write about an university on this blog, but I hope that I could give some opportunity to think about the top university here. That’s all for today. Blessings to each one of you!


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