Asakusa and a rice cracker shop

Hi there! I keep walking around Tokyo. My friend and I went to Asakusa, one of the most famous landmarks in Tokyo. You can experience historical and friendly atmosphere in the area. It was rainy on that day, however the district was filled with vigorous air.


We bought a fried rice cake with sweet filling. It was so tasty! I can tell it must be so popular.


The theme of Asakusa is THE JAPAN, so you can come across so many traditional goodies.


We also went to a rice cracker shop which was established in 1940, which means the store is 78 years old. It was such a scenic view to see home made rice crackers all over the place. And an Indian customer was asking if they have a ginkgo seed rice cracker in English. The word “ginkgo” is not familiar for the shop owner, so I helped them communicating using my linguistic knowledge. So glad that I could help them.


For lunch,  we had beef bowl at Asakusa Imahan that is a main branch of a famous restaurant.


There also were many customers from abroad, so my friend and I helped them in English. I felt so nostalgic that my friend and I shared this kind of experience in our university days as we were doing some volunteer jobs to welcome youngsters from abroad. Two of Chinese girls we met were from China and they put on Japanese kimono when sightseeing, they said they came to Tokyo for graduation trip of their university. It is a wonderful thing to know that Tokyo is a huge metropolis that people all around the world adore so much. Please come visit Tokyo, come visit Japan! I promise you will fall in love with our country.


That’s all for today. Abundant blessings to each one of you! See you soon.




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