Making Plum Wine in Rainy Season

Hi there. It’s raining outside. I wonder why people get so calm listening to the sounds of raindrops. 70 percent of our body is consisted of liquid, and maybe that’s why we feel soothed? I don’t know. Or maybe we miss the ancient memory of ours in the mother ocean? Maybe and maybe not…


Rainy season has started in Japan, and it rains here in Kyushu today for the first time in a long time. The whole city is wet and moist, things become a bit hazy, and all the trees and flowers get rejuvenated. It sure is one of the blessings from above.


Plums are harvested in the rainy season, and we Japanese ladies love making plum wine traditionally.


You can buy plums at an eat local market or  a super market now. I also made plum wine 3 years ago with the plums I got from my husband’s grandmother’s yard. (The picture below is plum syrup, but the procedure of making plum wine is almost the same.)


And a few years later…


We put in much cubic sugar and black sugar into plum wine, so it’s sweet and lovely. Ladies are fond of plum wine a lot. Plum wine that is sold from a Sake brewery is popular in Japan, yet home made plum wine is a lot  more tasty.


More than 15 years ago, I invited my Canadian friend to my house and our family threw a BBQ party at a summer evening. The greenery of my father’s vegetable yard  and my mother’s flower beds and the sunset were all so beautiful. I served plum wine that I made for everyone. The happy memory will stay in my heart forever…


That’s all for today, abundant blessings to each one of you!



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