Cherry Blossoms, the Heart of Samurai

Hi there! Today I want to write about our flower of Japan, cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms, or SAKURA start to bloom around the end of March. In this season, it’s  surprising to know that there are so many cherry trees all across the country. It is as if like a big joke that we had cold, severe, dim, and depressive winter just before. During the week that cherry blossoms bloom and scatter, the whole nation is colored pale pink. This season is the same time as entrance ceremonies of all schools in Japan, so many children remember the time with sweet nostalgia and cherish the memories for the lifetime.


“Someiyoshino” is the most famous cherry blossoms and it is originated in the grave yard of Somei Grave Yard in Tokyo that was located on the back of my university. Cherry blossoms give out strong impressions each year and they stay for a while just 7 days or so and they scatter over bravely. The heart of cherry blossoms is the heart of samurai. Japanese people are telling so.

日本の代表的な桜はソメイヨシノで、 その発祥は私の母校の大学の裏にあった東京の染井霊園です。人々の心に毎年鮮烈な印象を残し、そしてほんの七日ばかり佇んで、あとは潔く散ってゆく。この桜の心はサムライの心だと、昔から日本では言い伝えられています。

And as a part of peace diplomacy, Japan gave cherry trees to countries like USA, UK, Korea, and many others. Cherry trees that were presented more than 100 years ago bloom cherry blossoms beautifully each spring in Washington DC, and they have a big national cherry blossom festival every year. Some of my American friends sent me the photos of the festival. Like cherry blossoms, we work hard to bloom our each blossom and stay on earth just for a while as a beautiful flower, then scatter over. Life of ourselves are like the life of cherry blossoms. We Japanese love the beauty so dearly and we remember the teaching every spring. We find some kind of philosophy there.


Blessings to each one of you. See you soon!


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