the Imperial Palace and the Ministry of Justice

Hi there! I keep walking and walking in Tokyo. It was so much fun to hang out with my dear friend who works at Nagata Cho where all the central politics are carried out. While we were strolling around the area, she informed me very interesting tips of the district. In Japanese there is a saying “If you want to know about rice cakes, go ask a rice cake shop owner.” That means it’s always the best to ask a professional who spends so much time for the work every day.


This is an old main office of the Ministry of Justice.


It was a German Neo-Baroque Style Architecture built in 1895. Two of German architects, Hermann Gustav Louis Ende and Wilhelm Bockmann employed by the government of Japan in those days designed the basic structures. We went on walking while seeing the classy building on the right and then we reached the Imperial Palace.


The moat and a famous gate called Sakurada Mon.


The Imperial Palace is so spacious and flat. People might think that this place doesn’t look special at all. But you shouldn’t be tricked. In Japan there is a tradition to hide the most valuable treasures into a deep unseen sanctuary. This is the mysterious enigma of Japan also.


We also went around Hibiya Park.


Hibiya Park is like an oasis of the metropolis. It is so surprising to see all the trees are trimmed so neatly and everything looks well-balanced. The whole park is like a piece of Bonsai. I think many foreigners have never seen those pine trees with ropes. It is called Yuki Tsuri, protecting the pine branches not to bend over from the heaviness of snow in winter. The very delicate manner is something special of Japanese spirit.


Went passed Hibiya Public Hall  built in 1929. And it’s almost 90 years old. It sure does have an historic value.


To escape from the coldness, we went to the Imperial Hotel to have a tea time. We were so lucky to see these beautiful girls with kimono as the day was a coming-of-age celebration day. I told them about this Aya’s Cool Japan Blog and took a picture. Yes, the Kimono girls are radiant.

寒さから逃れて帝国ホテルへお茶をしに行きました。ちょうどこの日は成人式で、美しい晴れ着姿のお嬢さん達で賑わっていました。Aya’s Cool Japan Blog を書いて世界に発信しているということを話して、振袖姿の見返り美人達の写真を撮らせて貰いました。

The Imperial Hotel has the top notch customers service. It was very first experience for me to go in to an exit that was equipped with heaters from above to warm up the guests in winter. And at a cafe there, we were served with plates which were warmed up also. The presentation of the herb tea was so beautiful too.


I was deeply moved by the spirit of OMOTENASHI, or the wonderful hospitality. Yes, Tokyo is such a cool and chic city that thrives in the long history. We should be very proud of the culture in TOKYO!!


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