The View from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office

Hi there! How are you doing? Hope you are doing great! This is the last post of my trip to Tokyo. I visited Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office in Nishi Shinjyuku.


I could sense some kind of unity here toward Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.


After having a security check, I went up to the observation deck on the 54th floor. My New Yorker friends who once lived in Tokyo said they recommend their friends to visit the Metropolitan Government Office rather than Tokyo Sky Tree or Tokyo Tower if they want to overlook the capital city of Japan, as it costs nothing. I think they are so right!


When I was looking down Tokyo Sky Tree and Tokyo Tower, I heard English and Malaysian so I spoke to them. They said they are from Singapore and went around Hokkaido the day before, showing me a movie of the snowy city. I was so happy to be able to have an opportunity to speak Malaysian, Bahasa Melayu that I learned in university. I often speak to foreigners whenever I have a chance. Most of them are happy to be talked to from a Japanese and I believe it’s one way of showing hospitality to our guests. I hope they feel familiar with Japanese people.


I bought these earrings for me designed after Tokyo Sky Tree. Something Japan is becoming a cool thing in here and I believe it’s a good tendency. Japan is so unique and charming.  At last Japanese people started to notice the beauty of our own country.


And for the final night, I had a glass of fresh cranberry juice at a bar of Shinagawa Prince Hotel on the 39th floor. I was eager to take an Instagramable picture so bad. You can see Tokyo Tower but as it’s drizzling and the sight is not clear. Such a pity.

そして夜は品川プリンスの最上階のバーにてクランベリージュースを。インスタ映えっぽい写真が撮りたかったのです。東京タワーを見下ろしていますが、雨で煙って視界がぼやけていて残念。余談ですが、「インスタ映え」は英語でもあってInstagramable となります。

And lastly I want to share a night view of Tokyo from the airplane back to Fukuoka.


I couldn’t take a good picture but it was the best of best night views of all the world. That’s all for today. Blessings to each one of you!


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