Classical Beauty in Ginza

Hi there! Writing the final post of Ginza. Did you know that Ginza was famous for the willows? The willows have long history in the neighborhood but the number of them is getting few recently. However, I was happy to see these beauties here.


Keiko Kishi is a famous actress and writer aged 85, who is a front runner in the movie industry. She acts and lives in France and she wrote about the nostalgia toward the willows of Ginza, in her latest book about her own love story.


And this Okuno Building suits perfectly with the atmosphere of the willows that is classy. It is about 80 years old and it used to be called  Kyu Ginza Apartment. It was a celeb apartment in Ginza district back then where everything was chic and gorgeous.


I was able to see inside. Got on an elevator that is operated by hands. I felt as if I was in a monochrome movie set.


The rail and the building caretaker’s room also look so traditional.


I was so impressed with the residents there that they allow anyone to drop by to take a look inside of this historical apartment. The people who still live there must share a value that this one of a kind architecture is so treasurable that they want to preserve it and cherish it for the next generations. We must pay respect for them.


That’s all for Ginza. I wrote about the city in the 4 articles. Ginza is a special place of Japan where they have cutting edge fashion trend and the classical beauty that has long history. Both old and new coexist here by sharing the same spirit of “genuinely valuable”. It would be such an honor if I could have written the depth of the charm of Ginza in these articles.Well, that’s all for today. Blessings to each one one you!



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