Why Ginza Six? The luxurious shopping complex

Hello, everyone! I want to keep writing about Ginza, Tokyo. The landmark of Ginza is this Wako Department Store at a corner of 4-chome, Ginza intersection. Long time ago my Icelandic best friend said that she associates this Wako Department Store with an image of Japanese Bubble Economy. But for Japanese point of view, Wako is much more chic and highly sophisticated place.

みなさん、こんにちは。今回も東京銀座歩きの続きを書きたいと思います。銀座と言えば、やはり銀座四丁目に位置する銀座和光は切り離せません。その昔、私の親友のアイスランド人が「和光デパートはBubble Economy のイメージだよ。」と言っていましたが、日本人の感覚からしたら、和光はもっと品格のある重厚感の漂う老舗デパートですね。

And the back of Wako, Yamano Gakki (Yamano Musical Instrument Shop) is famous for its most expensive price of land in Japan. I googled and found out that it costs 50,500,000 yen per square meter, nearly 500,000 US dollars (March 2017 at present). Phew! It’s too expensive and I have no idea how pricy it is, but I must pay respect for being number 1 in Japan no matter what.


Recently, Ginza Six is getting a spot light. Do you know the reason why this gorgeous shopping mall has this name of Ginza Six? Kayuki, our ShowCase tour guide taught me it’s because this mall is built on 6-chome of Ginza district, the whole block of 120 meters is facing the Main Street. The celeb atmosphere stimulates our women’s heart.

銀座といえば、銀座シックスに大きな注目が集まっていますが、どうしてこの名前が付けられたかご存知ですか?それは銀座六丁目の区画を丸々使って建てられているからだと ShowCase ガイドのカユキさんが豆知識を伝授してくれました。銀座シックスの煌びやかな外観が女心を刺激します。

While we were walking around Ginza in the morning, she lectured me a “Ginza Rule”. There were few people passing by as it was still early on.


In Ginza, there exists an architecture rule that they are not allowed to build a building which is higher than 56 meters to preserve the good view. The 56 meters high is the height of Shiseido building, and it became the standard. I once again come to recognize that Ginza is a city for grown-ups who have acquired decent culture and elegant manners.


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