Ginza and Ukiyoe, the mesmerizing charm

Hi there! I’ve written 50 articles on Aya’s Cool Japan Blog so far, focusing on cool things and cultures in Japan. And this time, our website made a new start and I want to write more about architecture and art related issues from now on, as this is an architecture tour site. I want to keep writing interesting articles, so please check out this blog and support this Aya’s Cool Japan Blog. Thanks!

みなさん、こんにちは。今まで50本のブログ記事を書いて来ましたが、この Aya’s Cool Japan Blog も東京建築案内の  ShowCase を母体としているからには、やはり建築やアートに関する話題を充実させて行こうと、装いも新たに再スタートを切りました。これからも面白い記事をアップして行きたいと思いますので、どうぞ応援してくださいね。

In early January, our ShowCase Tokyo Architecture Tour Guide Unit annual meeting was held in Ginza, Tokyo. I flew there all the way from Fukuoka in Kyushu island. And I met up with our ShowCase tour guide Kayuki who is my dear friend at Higashi Ginza. She guided me along the way and gave me a lecture of Kabukiza and the origin of the name of Ginza. Kayuki hasn’t change a bit, still the same cool girl who has good spirit since university.

年初に我らが ShowCase の年次報告会が銀座で催されたのを機に、私も福岡から馳せ参じました。粋という言葉が本当によく似合う、ShowCase の建築ガイドメンバーのカユキさんと東銀座で落合い、歌舞伎座や銀座という街の名前の由来を説明して貰いながら朝の銀座を歩きました。

Ginza means Place of Silver if I make a direct translation. Since Edo period (1600-1867) silver had been produced by the government there. And  the Bank of Japan is close to Ginza that made easy to carry the silver to the national bank. Ginza is such a chic city that cherishes a long tradition in this day and age. If you go through a small alley, you can still come across a shrine that worships foxes that was originated in Edo era.


And I bought these beautiful Ukiyoe post cards at Itoya in Ginza that is a  long established stationary shop since 1904.


We had a lovely lunch after the meeting and we enjoyed  good conversations about Sumo. Yuki, another ShowCase tour guide member was born in Ryogoku, Tokyo that is the holy ground of Sumo, and she shared such a deep love for Sumo with us. Not only Sumo, but we are all proud of Japanese traditional cultures. I felt as if I could sense the core of Japanese culture which is rooted in the long history.


Yes, Japan is so mesmerizing and cool! Everybody, have a great day and night! Blessings to you!


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