RAMEN became our soul food

Hi there. Today I want to focus on RAMEN. Yes, it’s really tasty noodle of Japan brought in from China. Ramen was originally born in China, but after it was brought in to Japan, it has changed a lot and the ramen culture is thriving in Japan. Hokkaido is famous for miso ramen. Tokyo is famous for soy sauce ramen. And here in Kyushu, pork bone soup ramen is very popular. And I strongly believe that ramen in Fukuoka Kyushu is the best of best. A bowl of ramen here in Fukuoka Kyushu costs only around 500 yen or 5 dollars. And the competition is so severe. As ramen is a culture deeply loved among men in Fukuoka, most of men in here have their own favorite ramen shops. There are even ramen journalists specialized in ramen. Many men talk deeply about their love for ramen so passionately!


FullSizeRender (7)

The picture above is ramen with boiled pork toppings. This ramen shop was introduced on TV. It cost 750yen or around 7 dollars. The price is reasonable. If this bowl of ramen costs more than 800 yen, the place would lose many customers as people in Fukuoka know many ramen shops that serve fabulous ramen for really cheap price. The soup was thick and mild, the boiled pork was good, and the noodle was nice and chewy. In Kyushu, ramen shop clerk will ask you whether you like tender noodle or tough and almost crispy noodle.


And I’d like to write about instant ramen on the next article.Hope you enjoy reading! See you guys, sending out good vibrations to the world!


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