We love MANGA, Asari chan

Hi there!  I’d love to introduce girls’ manga “Asari chan” also. It’s a manga for little girls. There are so many manga for little elementary school girls, but among them, “Asari-chan” was the best of all. The manga “Asari-chan” is also on Guiness record as the largest number of volumes of publised comic books written by 2 female authors.  “Asari-chan” had apperared on a girls’ manga comic magazine for 36 years. I found the manga of “Asari-chan” the other day at a book store, and deep nostalgia hit me, so I bought the book. I still remember a story of “Asari-chan” based on a parody of “The Red Shoes” of Andersen. I read it when waiting for my turn at a piano teacher’s house. Children are way much more sensitive than grown-ups in a sense, so they do know what is really interesting, I believe.

少女マンガ、それも本当の小学生女子が読むマンガで一番面白かったのは「あさりちゃん」です。こないだ本屋で見かけて懐かしさのあまり一冊買ってしまいました。あさりちゃんは36年に渡り連載されて、コミックは全100巻まで出ました。また、二人組によるコミックシリーズとして最多の発行巻数(女性作家)としてギネス世界記録にもなっています。 子供ってある意味感性が大人よりもずっと鋭いので、本当に面白いものは何かよく分かっていると思います。小学生の頃、ピアノの先生の家で読んだ「あさりちゃん」の赤い靴のパロディの話はすごく面白かった記憶が今も残っています。

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Long ago, I went to a library every single day and read all the volumes of “Black Jack” of Osamu Tezuka. Black Jack is a surgeon who doesn’t have a license as a doctor. But his philosophy was so deep and touching. And the gentleness he shows is something hard to understand at once. But oh boy, he’s such a cool guy. In elementary school, I borrowed manga of “Buddah” at school, they were really interesting too. Osamu Tezuka is a guy who contributed immensely to our manga culture, many of his works are at almost all the public libraries in Japan.


I was not a huge manga fan. Even though, I have so many things to write about manga. Which means manga culture is deeply deeply rooted in our body and soul as one of the nutritions. Isn’t it such a gorgeous thing to be raised up in a country which has the best of best manga culture? Japan is so COOL! I once again say so in a big voice!


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