Adachi Museum, the authentic beauty

Hi there! We had a 3-day-holiday of autumn and my husband and I had a long road trip to Yamaguchi, Shimane, and Tottori. First of all, I’d like to introduce you Adachi Museum in Shimane prefecture. I believe this is one of the best museums in Japan which specializes in Japanese authentic beauty. When you go in to the museum, this amazingly beautiful traditional Japanese garden welcomes you. This garden is taken care of each morning with the most delicate way. You can’t help but make a deep sigh. This sight sure is a piece of artwork.

Watch the movie of Adachi Museum of Art




Moss garden and a tea ceremony room on the back is stunning too.



Adachi Museum has a very good reputation in many other countries, and I saw plenty of foreign tourists there. I heard German which I’m currently interested in, so I spoke to the 2 young men. They were nice guys and we enjoyed a small conversation. I told them that I’m going to Germany next year.


You are allowed to take pictures of the Japanese gardens but not paintings nor potteries nor woodcrafts. So I want to share the art book which I bought.



Beauties are forever…



I was glad to know this artist, Uemura Shoen. She was a female painter about 100 years ago. In those days to be a lady artist was so difficult, yet her talent is just so extraordinary. Yokoyama Taikan’s paintings were gorgeous also. I thought I want to know more about Japan and its beauty. I have more topics to write about on this trip. To be continued…..


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