Autumn in Kyushu, the rice harvest

Hi there! Autumn in Kyushu, Japan is so beautiful. In Japanese we have a term to describe a fine autumn sunny day . On the fine autumn sunny day, the sky is so high and there is no cloud. In this season, many schools and local communities throw sports festivals and kids are running around the sports  ground so cheerfully. And it is also a rice harvesting season. In a countryside where I live, you can see such scenes below in this time of the year.



Around late September, these red wild flowers come up on the banks in countryside of Japan. It is believed in Buddhism that these flowers are symbolic in the paradise. I, personally associate this season with an oil painting of Van Gogh’s “Harvesting”.



When I was a little girl, I used to listen to sounds of farm tractors from outside on a Sunday of early October. And I looked down the outside from my room’s window, this very sight was just in front of me.


I got newly harvested rice from my cousin who is growing it.


FullSizeRender 4

It is literally “eat-local” and you can see a face of the person who made it. Isn’t it such a big blessing that I can eat it every day? Yes, my country life in Kyushu, Japan is so COOL!


Have a lovey day and night! See you next time!






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