Lavatory, the world leading technology

Hi there! I’m always thinking about what to write on this Aya’s Cool Japan Blog. Something cool and something Japan. And today, I want to share our state of the art lavatory technology.



It’s a very famous story that Japanese toilet technology is at the cutting edge. Most shopping malls and department stores and public facilities have very clean and hygienic lavatories. We take it for granted that it’s not dirty and they have plenty of toilet paper and the smell is shut out. And also it’s very unusual if those lavatories don’t have WASHLET (the bottom washer).



Cleaning persons in Japan do their job perfectly and it might be for sure in Japan, but not outside of the country!



And at a powder room, we have many mirrors and the lighting is adjusted to make women look beautiful. And you know what? All those lavatories can be used freely without paying a penny.



As we are so accustomed to high quality lavatories, I think many Japanese people got a big shock when they went abroad and used the local lavatories. And here’s a funny story for you. My American friend who grew up in Japan visited us from Seattle. She took her boy who is a grade school student with her. Her son was so hilarious that when he went to use a bathroom at her house, he was proudly saying that he didn’t use the “butt washer” to save it for the next time! Hahaha! WASHLET, the bottom washer can be such a Cool Japan icon!


Well, blessings to you all! Have a good day and night!




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