library and the peaceful atmosphere

Hi there! Today I want to write about books and libraries. I love reading ever since I was a little girl. I’m so proud of my mother who disciplined me to go to a library to have a rich cultural life. When my brother and I were small, my mother didn’t let us watch TV. Instead of that she often visited a library and borrowed books and read us those books before going to bed every night. She sometimes borrowed English picture books and I learned an English word “temperature”. A cat girl named Elizabeth was feverish and had a thermometer in her mouth in the book. Such a sweet memory of ours.

みなさん、こんにちは。私は子供の頃から本が好きです。図書館へ行って本を借りて読むという習慣を躾けてくれた母を私は誇りに思っています。幼少の頃、我が家ではテレビはあまり観せてもらえなかったけれど、その代わり母が寝る前に私と兄に図書館で借りてきた本を毎晩読み聞かせてくれていました。とても幸福な時間だったと今でも思います。母が英語の絵本を借りてきて、その中で猫のエリザベスが体温計を口にくわえていて、”temperature” (熱)という単語を覚えたのも愛しい思い出です。


In this day and age, I sometimes wonder libraries which are located in any neighborhood are sanctuaries. They are so peace and quiet, surrounded by nice tranquility. So many conflicts are going on and the world is shaking. But at libraries you can have peaceful atmosphere. And reading books silently yet passionately can be done only when your are under peaceful circumstance.


I’ve visited  libraries in Seattle, in small Alaskan village, and in state of the art Singapore. All the libraries loved by people who cherish books were so cozy to be at. They welcomed me with open arms. Ah, and yes. I did love the National Diet Library in Tokyo. I was a freshman of university and 18 years old so I was under aged then. I needed to go through so many red tapes before going in. When I got a permission , I walked around the very spacious and old building feeling like I was having an adventure! Went to Asia Study Department and I read books of Chinese learning and Thai learning. And also, I miss my day when I went to Asia Pacific Cultural Center for UNESCO in Tokyo. I watched Thai drama for the very first time then.


Loving books and praying for the people on earth. Love and peace to the world!




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