Yamakasa, the UNESCO world heritage

Hi there! In Hakata, Fukuoka the local people are so proud of having Yamakasa tradition. In early July, many places of Fukuoka prefecture decorate Yamakasa and display the dashi float in pubic for about 2 weeks. And for the final day, men run around the Yamakasa float saying “osshoi osshoi” and carry the float on shoulders.


Munakata city, where I live is so excited at the moment that our Munakata shrine was registered as UNESCO world heritage site this summer and the influence reached  to our local Yamakasa also. The other day I was so lucky to come across the Yamakasa when I just got off a bus. Men were vigorously  running around Yamakasa and women and kids were watering them to cool down.



This picture  below is Yamakasa which was displayed in front of Hakata station. Hakata Gion Yamakasa has more than 700 years of history and it is registered  as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. My husband went to a high school in Hakata and told me that the schools in Hakata area approve a Yamakasa day off, which means boys who participate in Yamakasa can take a day off from school. It is very interesting that we can know that people in Hakata love Yamakasa so much and they are  very proud of the tradition.


IMG_0911 2

And the long history descends a peculiar tradition. There is a custom of “staying away from cucumbers and  women  and not to have a sex if a man participates in Yamakata”. Isn’t it intriguing? This sort of animism belief is cool in a sense. I’m writing this blog while listening to cicadas chirping in the hot summer daytime.


Everybody, have a blessed day and night!



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