JAPAN in Taiwan ~the railway system~

Continuing form the last post, I’ll share my trip to Taiwan with you all. The theme of this vacation was to enjoy railways in Taiwan which were constructed with the support of Japanese railway technology thoroughly. My friend and I even took a mountain train which climb up a high mountain slowly. The view form the mountain train was just so awesome. I could see oolong tea farm and Jack Fruit forests and thousands of palm trees from the window. Very tropical indeed.


Got off the train and we had station bento. Station bento is Japanese culture and I was so glad that the influence thrive  in Taiwan also.


IMG_0864 2

A young girl clerk at the bento shop was so good at Japanese and I told her, “You are so cute!=Kawaii ne!”. And she was so glad to hear that and gave me a big smile. The Japanese word Kawaii=cute is getting universal. I met many youngsters who could speak Japanese well. It seems to learn Japanese is a hot thing in Taiwan also.


I heard Taiwanese love Japan so much and if they have a logo of “Japan Style”, the products sell so well. The tea that I bought at a station had that “Japan Style” logo also. But the taste was just so so…


IMG_0823 2

My father used to work for a railway company for more than 40 years and maybe that’s because I felt so nostalgic when I visited stations in Taiwan.


IMG_0826 4

IMG_0839 3



IMG_0825 3

IMG_0820 3

Platform, station building, and even digital signs, they were all so nostalgic. Because nowadays railway stations in Japan are getting so modern and the good old style stations are so hard to find. Things are kept on updated with the cycle of metabolism and they never go backward. However, I was so happy to come across good old Japan in a faraway place of Taiwan. And the good old Japan is preserved so beautifully. I’m so thankful that I had this opportunity to visit Taiwan this summer. That’s all for today. Blessings to each one of you!



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