Beautiful Ladies in Fukuoka

Hi there! Fukuoka, where I live is a gate city of Asia. There are many foreigners walking by in the city. Hakata, Fukuoka is the biggest city of Kyushu island. It is facing the ocean and mountiains, so it’s half big city and half country and people are kind and friendly. I love Fukuoka so much.


I teach English conversation to employees and CEOs of enterprises. I give them homework to practice writing every week. And each time they work so hard and write long essays. It even turned out to be so difficult to cope within the class hours. I’m really happy to see them so motivated to learn English. I believe there will be many more people who can communicate in English in Hakata, Fukuoka.


Night pic of Hakata station.



At a square in front of Hakata station, there is a samurai statue holding a big sake goblet. He is Kuroda Kanbei, a feudal lord of Fukuoka who made the foundation of Fukuoka city. He was a genius strategist whose name is carved in the history of Japan.



And in Fukuoka, there is a famous rice cake sweets associated with the genuis feudal lord, Kuroda Kanbei. The confectionery is called Chikushi-Mochi of Jyosui-An and most of Fukuoka people know the little rice cake.


And also, Fukuoka is famous for beauties. You can see many beautiful ladies if you walk around Hakata, Fukuoka. And I think in Tokyo those beauties would belong to show-biz productions, yet in Fukuoka they are working at random shops! Yes, Fukuoka is the best place in Japan. Everybody come visit Hakata, come visit Fukuoka! We are waiting for you!



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