Coal Mine King and His Servant ~the UNESCO world heritage~

Hi there! Continuing from the previous article. The Coal Mine King, Denemon’s residence is filled with precious treasures. There are many cultural assets and they are all preserved so carefully. It was May and on May 5th, Japanese people celebrate the day for boys to grow strong and healthy. The tiger toys and the wall paintings are  for boys to be brave and courageous. Samurai worrior helmet is for the boy’s day also.





And not only that, there are some original paintings of UNESCO world heritage that have such a high value. Denemon was the Coal Mine King who made a huge fortune by exploiting coal miners. One of the poor coal miners , named Sakubei Yamamoto who was actually working at Denemon’s coal mine painted the severe labour to preserve the history after he retired.





Coal miners’ life was so dangerous they were facing with death every day. And thanks to thier labor, Denemon was able to become a billionaire. Denemon and Sakubei, they are King and a servant. But seeing them from a different perspective, it’s not that simple. Sakubei was a poor coal miner  all through his life, but he was so determined that he must tell the life of coal miners to the next generation. He painted and painted just relying of his memory as there were no pictures. And his paintings got a big attention when they were enlisted as a UNESCO world heritage in 2011.


Denemon, a billionaire who lost his dear wife and got a shame in public, and Sakubei, a poor coal miner when alive but got an unbelievably honorable  reputation after death who heard a calling and so persistant to preserve the history of coal miners. It is impossible to say which is better. But life is so and so mysterious and unpredictable. It was so much fun visiting the Coal Mine King’s residence.


That’s all for today. Blessings to you all!


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