Coal Mine King and His Sad Love

I visited a very famous Coal Mine King’s old residence in Fukuoka, Kyushu. The residence is very valuable and it is preserved carefully and it is open to public. The residence is called Ito Denemon Tei. Denemon is the one who made a big fortune by running a coal mine business. He was from a very poor family and he didn’t have good educational background, yet he was such a street smart that he succeeded immensely as an entrepreneur. He married Byakuren, a talented poet who was a cousin of Taisho emperor. But actually they didn’t fall in love, Denemon bought Byakuren with his big money. The two lived in this huge residence for some years. Their story was featured in a drama sereis in Japan, so the residence is widely known.







Denemon was 25 years older than Byakuren and thier marriage was very cold as Denemon didn’t understand Byakuren and Byakuren couldn’t understand him either. A rich old man and a celeb poet from Tokyo didn’t share anything. Byakuren was very lonely every day, then she fell in love with another guy who was a student of the University of Tokyo. She ran away form Denemon and eloped with the student. It was a huge sensation back then. In those days, there exsisted the crime of adultury. I didn’t watch the drama series, but I read a novel of them so I asked many questions to the guide of the residence. So glad that I learned a lot.


My favorite place in the residence was a private room of Byakuren. It was on the 2nd floor and you can enjoy a great view from the room. Denemon paid huge amount of money to make the room for Byakuren, but he couldn’t buy the heart of her.



Byakuren married love of her life after leaving Denemon. Denemon was such a poor guy that he couldn’t give his wife anythting but money. However, the view from the room was just amazing. I was sitting on the floor and thintking about thier marriage while daydreaming.


I told my father that I visited the Denemon residence, then he told me a very interesting thing. When my father was a high school student, his English teacher Miss Miyazaki was a relative of Byakuren’s  dear husband who won Byakuren’s love. I thought that it was very interesting!


That’s all for today, see you soon! Blessings to you all!



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