Pottery Village in the Deep Mountain

Hello, everyone! Now it’s May and it’s the most beautiful season in Japan. Young leaves are swinging on trees and they make us soothed. The other day, my husband and I visited a pottery village, Koishiwara yaki no sato, in a deep mountain. Every spring, they have a pottery festival and sell hand-craft beautiful potteries. And this picture is at a pottter’s house and shop.



The traditonal Japanese architectures are so chic. Can you see colorful azaleas on the back? The pottery village in a deep mountian is like a hidden treasure. And that day, they had some kind of bubbly atmosphere as it was a big festival. It was so much fun strolling around the village and we bought these small plates.



They are hand-crafted one by one and  so valuable yet it cost only about 7 dollars each. Good shopping! The clay color and the blue combination has some warmth, I think.


We left the Koishiwara pottery village and drove down. On the way, we came across a beautiful bridege. The river was transparent and lovely too. We stopped the car and took some pictures. It is nothing but a bridge, however we felt it was so touching.




And I cooked dinner and used the plates I bought. Strawberries look charming on the plates.


FullSizeRender (44)

FullSizeRender (45)

Deep bowl on the left is also from Koishiwara pottery village. I DO LOVE MY COUNTRY LIFE!!!


Well, see you soon! Blessings to you!



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