the UNESCO world heritage site, Shinnihon steel manufacturing company

Hi there! Thanks for visiting here. Hope you have fun reading my COOL JAPAN blog. I think many of the readers of this blog are interested in foreign cultures and Japanese cultures. Of course I’m one of them and I love visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites in both Japan and abroad. There are so many UNESCO World Heritage sites in Europe. And same as Eurpoe, we have ancient history in Japan, so there are many UNESCO World Heritages in Japan also. In my opinion, Japanese love high status or prestigious branding so we make every possible effort to make historical sites to be acknowledged as UNESCO World Heritage.


Can you see a huge iron pipe which is giving out much smoke on the back? It is our local UNESCO World Heritage site, Sinnihon Steel Manufacturing Company. It used to be called Yahata Steel Manufacturing Company. The company was founded in late 1890’s to support Japanese industrial revolution. In those days we needed to have much steel to make railways and ships and tankers in Japan and neighboing countries.


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Japanese industrial revolution that started in the 19th century made a tremendous impact on all around the Asian countries. We have a very stylish oil painting of the steel manufacturing company. It sure is one of a kind.



About 100 years ago, a Japanese author  Mitsuharu Kaneko wrote essays when he lived and travelled around Malaysia or Singapore . He wrote about Yahata Steel Manufacturing company, which gave many business opportunities in South East Asia. I was so happy to know that Japan and Malaysia & Singapore had deep connections since long before as I majored in South East Asian Area Studies and Malaysian landugage in university. My husband and I bought a book of Japanese industrial revolution sites which became UNESCO world heritage sites and learn the history and the background hoping to visit all the spots in the book.



The first picture, I took it from Kokura station.



And the night expression of Kokura station is so cool and sexy, I guess.



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