Kokura Castle and History Women

Hello, everyone! How are you doing? On this Aya’s Cool Japan Blog, I’ve been writing about cool Japanese things or cultures. I worte various topics and this time, I came up with an idea of introducing cool Japanese architectures as I’m a blogger of an Japanese architecture tour guides unit. My fellow bilingual guides who are specializing in architecture live in Tokyo area. On the other hand,  I live in Kyushu island. So it’ll be quite interesting to introduce cool Japanese architectures in Kyushu area. I went to Kokura Castle which was originally built in 1200’s. It was reinvented many times, but the basic structures still remain beautifully. The moat is filled with water so that they can prevent the enemies coming in.

みなさん、こんにちは。このAya’s Cool Japan Blogでは、日本発のクールを紹介して来ましたが、せっかく建築ユニットのサイトでブログを書かせて貰っているのだから、私も現在住んでいる九州は福岡界隈の建築物を紹介したいと思うようになりました。このブログの母体である建築ツアーは東京で行われており、通訳案内士の皆さんも東京で活動されていますが、私は福岡からこのブログを書いています。福岡はとても住みよい街で、車で少し遠出をすれば歴史的な建造物に沢山出会うことが出来ます。福岡第二の都市、北九州の小倉には1200年代からの歴史を誇る小倉城があります。お濠に水が張ってあるのは、敵の侵入を防ぐため。歴史の基礎ですね。


Many of traditional castles in Japan have a shrine in their premises.



Camphor trees which are over hundreds years old made me imagine the power of the feudal lord.



Many Japanese love watching historical dramas which are based on true stories. Every Sunday night at prime hour, NHK Japanese national broadcast air historical drama and the audience rating is always so high. And we even have an interesting expression “rekijyo, history woman” for ladies who love learning history. Their historical knowledge is sometimes just stunning. I personally don’t know much about Japanese hitory if I compare myself with those “history woman”. Even though, it’s so much fun visiting historical architectural spots. And it’s such a big joy to be impressed with the wisdom of ancinet people.


Well, that’s all for today! See you next time!




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