What is art? Anything can be art

Hi there! Same topic from the previous blog. To live happily means to live in a nice cozy home in a sense. I think it’s really important to be surrounded with something you deeply love. To spend time in a fashionable interior makes us happy. So I make our apartment neat and cozy always. I like New York style which is represented as a salad bowl. I collect so many fashionable things from all over the world. A rubber tree reminds me of days in Malaysia and Singapore. A Turkish rug that I bought at IKEA is so nice. A small dish which is designed by an artist in Iceland getting an inspiration from a glacier is a gift from my best friend in Iceland. A pebble which I picked up at Shimanto riverside and I wrote as Shimanto river on it with a marker. A bit scary magnets of Korean aristocrat masks I bought in Seoul in July make me remember happy time there. They are all so special for me. I give meanings in each one of them.


And I believe that this kind of attachment enhance our mental health. To spend good time with things you love and with people you love is so important. However, you ought not to accept everything without thinking anything. If you don’t need something, it’s good to say no clearly. I am very picky in a good way when buying things. I never spend even 100 yen or 1 dollar without paying any attentions.


Marriage is fun. We are really good friends. I tend to think that my ideas or my sense of fashion are the best, but I have to admit that my husband gives me really good insights which I don’t come up with and sometimes they are better than mine. I guess we are growing together.


I bought these beautiful origami paper at a 100 yen shop (a dollar store). They have traditional Japanese patterns and ukiyoe patterns. I think they are so cool indeed!



The next pic is a card which I made for my American friend a couple years ago. The inspiration was from modern Japanology and Japanese English that is our research theme. I tried to express my joy of Mt. Fuji became UNESCO world heritage with the new year sunrise!


FullSizeRender (42)

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog! That’s all for today. Have a good day, everyone!


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