the love of TRAIN among geeks

Hi there! I wrote about cars last time, so I want to write about trains in Japan today. Boys or boys alike love cars and trains so much, and the love for vehicles will last forever. My father used to work for a national railway company and my late grandfather whom I’ve never met also worked for the national railway company. And maybe my brother inherited the DNA of train lovers. My brother was so excited whenever he saw trains when little. There are so many crazy railway fans in Japan and we have a deep and thriving culture of it. There are so many categories of train fans and I think in the dense forest, there are some signals which attract crazy train lovers. The mesmerizing world is so appealing to the fans, but I didn’t understand the reason why my brother loves trains so much.


I love this view! My Good Old Munakata. Rice fields and mountains on the back and the train goes by.



According to my brother, there are 3 main parties of train lovers. One is the group of people who love traveling all across Japan using railways. One is the people who are so fond of taking pictures of trains. Railway lovers spend millions of yen to buy really expensive cameras for taking pictures. There are even professional photographers who specialize in train photos. When they have exhibitions, so many people go visit there. And one is the group of crazy guys who love reading timetables and just imagining having a trip in their mind. Yes, they spend so many hours reading timetables! There are many books especially mystery novels which use tricks of timetables in Japan. An author wrote many works of mysteries using themes of beauties, murders, timetable tricks, hot spring, and a cool detective again and again and again.


Long time ago, my brother used to love borrowing books of railways which deal with small stations in deserted areas from a library. And he was so inspired by the shabby stations and made up 50 or so imaginary station names and wrote really beautiful train maps spending many hours. Maybe crazy train fans can understand his passion?


In a book of Haruki Murakami “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage”, the main character Tsukuru is a big train lover. He is working for a railway company and whenever he gets some free time, he sits on a bench of a station and spends time seeing trains coming in and going out. He loves the regularity. In my opinion, a guy like him may not be creative but I can trust that type of person.


And That’s all for today. Going to write about trains, SHINKANSEN, bullte trains on the next blog post! Check it out! See you soon!



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