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Hi there! How are you doing? Hope you are all doing great! Today’s topic is about cars in Japan. As it is widely known, Japanese automobile manufacturing technology is splendid. Japanese are so industrious and diligent and very good at making things with much creativity and perseverance. I want to write this or that about cars in Japan here.


It is often said a car is a lover for a guy, it’s an object of his love. If a guy changes his car one after another and people say he is a flirt. Or if a guy treasures his car regardless of the price and washes it and waxes it every weekend, the guy will love his wife so deeply and a girl should marry a person like him. Or in Japan, if a guy prefers to buy a Japanese luxury car rather than a foreign expensive car, it’s said the guy isn’t an adventurous type of guy. My brother took a German class in college and he told me an interesting thing. “Car is a woman for a man, so in German automobile is described as female noun. ” I thought it’s pretty cool.


TOYOTA’s most luxury car, LEXUS is manufactured in our neighboring city, and my husband used to deal with LEXUS for work. When we went to honeymoon to Singapore, my husband saw a LEXUS going on outside of the bus window. He was so moved that he felt he had contributed to the world. My childhood friend lives in Seattle. She and her husband bought their 16 year old son an old type of used LEXUS for his first car. I saw the pic of the car. I think it’s so cool.



The picture was taken in front of NISSAN car dealer, you can see an electric battery charging station for electric cars on the back on the picture below. It is very Japan and so cool!  Names of cars are pretty interesting also. HONDA has a car called “FIT” in Japan, but it’s called  “JAZZ” in the US and Europe. I know the name of “FIT” doesn’t sound cool at all for English speakers. It is one of the localization, I assume.

この写真は日産カーディーラーの前で撮りました。NISSAN X-TRAIL。もしかしたら海外ではこの名前が変わるかもしれません。車の名前って面白いもので、ホンダのFITは北米やヨーロッパではJAZZとなっていて、それぞれクールに現地化されてゆくのです。西洋人にとってはFITなんて名前は奇妙に響くもので、購買意欲は湧かないと推測されます。


こちらはディーラーの前にある電気自動車の電力をチャージする場所。VERY JAPANです!

Our car is a small sized 4WD. Really tiny for Americans, I guess. And only Japan has the technology of manufacturing small sized 4WDs and K-cars. I once homestayed in a port town of  Alaska . And most cars I could see in the town were big 4WDs. When we first bought the small sized 4WD car, my American friend said “So Cuuuuuuuute!!!” I think she thought it was like a miniature!

我が家のクルマは軽の四駆ですが、軽自動車を作る技術、ましてや軽の四駆を作る技術は日本しか持っていません。以前アラスカの港町にホームステイした時、道行くクルマはデッカイ四駆だらけでした。我が家のクルマを見て、アメリカ人の友人は”CUUUUUTE!!!” と萌えていました。四駆の縮尺版がミニで再現されててカワイイ!って感じでしょうか。

In Japan crazy car fans love visiting car dealers whenever they have a day off. And they get free booklets of cars and collect them. And they feel sheer happiness by seeing the pics of the cars. Or some people love reading car magazines. The magazines are like car catalogues. And interesting thing is that we even have a hierarchy for  cars in Japan. First is of course TOYOTA, then HONDA and NISSAN and MAZDA to follow. And in the car magazines the cars are on in that order. Japanese are so meticulous in every detail. Ever since I started writing this blog, I pay so much attention to find Japanese uniqueness in my daily life. And I come to realize that life is like a journey of treasure hunt once again.


And that’s all for today! Everybody, have a good day and night!



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