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Hi there! Today I want to write about anime again. Let me write about Hayao Miyazaki. He is the one who made “Totoro” movie. I heard “Totoro” is quite popular in the US also. My childhood best friend Lisa is American and she currently lives in Seattle. When she came back home (Her parents live in Fukuoka Japan, so her homwtown is in Japan!) with her 5 year old boy, we were talking about “Totoro”. And out of the blue her son started singing a Japanese kids’ song. “Ee toe makimaki  Ee toe makimaki”. We bursted into laughter. We were talking about “Totoro” in Japanese, but I guess something clicked on her son! Lisa said Japanese kids’ program is popular in the US also and her son often watched the show. See the pics of “Totoro” .

皆さん、こんにちは!また今日もアニメの話をしたいと思います。世界各地で愛されている宮﨑駿のアニメについて。多くの作品があるけれど、私の中での不動の一位はやはり「となりのトトロ」です。アメリカでも人気が高いそうで、シアトルに住むアメリカ人の幼馴染のリサちゃんが子供たちを連れて宗像に里帰りしていた時にその話をしていたら(リサちゃんは日本育ちなので里は日本なのです)、当時5才だったリサちゃんの息子イライが突如大きな声で「イートーマキマキ イートーマキマキ ヒーテヒーテ トントントン」と日本の童謡を披露して一同大爆笑。アメリカでも日本の幼児番組をやってるそうで、イライはよく観ているとのことでした。この時はみんな日本語で話をしていたのですが、トトロの話で何かイライは触発されたのでしょう。



Some years ago I visited Taiwan with my BFF, Manta. We went to a highland village called Kyufun. It is a place where Hayao Miyazaki, the movie director of “Totoro” loved a lot. He made a movie “Spirted Away” and he used Kyufun for its stage. As I wrote Kyufun is at highland so there are many steps. Red oriental lanterns are decorated everywhere. A Taoism temple is there and the atmosphere is quite mysterious and mesmerizing. We can overlook the bay from Kyufun. I felt perfect peace when drinking Oolong tea with Manta at a hanging-in-the-air tea salon. Gentle spring breeze touched my cheeks softly and Taiwanese folk song was very exotic.


I also want to write about ANPANMAN. See the pic below. All the kids literally love ANPANMAN in Japan. He is a super hero. The author of ANPANMAN passed away when he was 94. He lived a fruitful life. It is not a well known fact, but he was a devoted Christian. And the model of ANPANMAN is Jesus. ANPANMAN is not a mighty hero, he offers his bread face to let someone eat who is starving. He gets weak after giving away his face, and he goes back to a bakery and a baker uncle bakes his face again and again. ANPANMAN keeps offering his face to somebody he meets. This is the act of love. No need to picture something big, but just give away what you have to who needs it.


ちびっ子達に絶大な人気を誇るアンパンマンについても書いてみます。(コキンちゃんのペンは姪っ子ちゃんのモカちゃんからのプレゼント。一緒に遊ぶ時の配役がモカちゃんがドキンちゃんで、私は妹役のコキンちゃんなので!) 原作者のやなせたかしさんは94才で大往生を遂げられましたが、実は彼は敬虔なクリスチャンでした。そしてアンパンマンのモデルはイエス様です。完全無欠のスーパーヒーローではなく、目の前のお腹が空いた人に自分の顔を食べさせてあげる、そうしたら自分はフラフラになってしまう。そしてジャムおじさんに顔を焼き直して貰う度に、また自分の顔を分け与えてゆく。愛の行為とは、一見とても簡単そうに思えるけれど実はとても難しい、そしてとても尊い行いだと思います。

ANPANMAN is also popular all around the world and the anime is broadcasted in many countries. One time I thought I wanted to let my best friend Stina in Iceland know about ANPANMAN. I sent a “Baikin Man” (ANPANMAN’s enemy germ guy Baikin Man, actually he’s quite cute!) stuffed animal to Stina’s son for a Christmas present. According to the author, germs also play important roles such as cheese or yogurt or Japanese miso paste, so ANPANMAN’s enemy would never be eliminated. The author believes there is no absolute evil in the world, we have to live harmoniously forgiving one another.


I wrote this or that about Japanese anime. I hope you find it fun reading. I believe positive way of thinking would lead positive words and the positive words give out positive vibes. Happiness is a matter of your choice. You can choose happy by using positive words and thinking positive things. This world might be dark but I always believe in a positive energy called LOVE!  With goooood vibrations. See you soon!

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