Japanese Cooking, housewives are great chefs

Hi there! I want to share my recent Japanese cooking today also! I love cooking healthy and delicious WASHOKU. Most of the Japanese wives can fix WASHOKU (UNESCO world heritage) with ingredients in the fridge without spending much time. And thanks to the healthy diet, we Japanese cherish long life expectancy.


Here you go the pics!  写真をどうぞ!


Cooked crab and egg fried rice with onion. Crab legs were cheap at a supermarket so I bought them, and I made crab shell broth and cooked suop with tofu and mushrooms. Pickeled leafy veggie. Lotus salad with sausage. Looks really delicious, right?



Rolled sprouts and green onions and long white mushrooms with thinly sliced pork and put them in the microwave for 3 minutes, and had grated daikon raddish with soy sauce and vinegar sauce on top. Cabbage salad with sesame dressing. Cooked soup with seaweeds and green onions and egg and long white mushrooms. Some grapes for me.



Fried shrimps and chicken and onions and eggs and garlic with tomato sauce. It’s kind of a Chinese dish. Mushrooms with seasonings. Pickled cabbage.


They are all so very delicious. And you might think the dishes and paltes I’m using are so beautiful. Yes, I use Japanese traditional potteries for everyday cooking. My husband and I love visiting pottery villages where they creat potteries for hundreds of years. We love buying beautiful potteries from potters who actually crafted them. I’ll introduce Japanese traditional pottery culture some time soon. We are so proud of the beautiful culture!


That’s all for today, sending out good vibrations to the world. See you soon! Have lovely day and night!


* Japan treasures many UNESCO world heritages. I’ve written articles about them. Please enjoy reading.


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