SMARTIES, cool inventions for everyday

Hi there! How’s everything? Today I found so many SMARTIES at home. They are all products of Japan. They are so unique and I want to share them with you all. First one is a sesame grater. It is so tiny and cute and light. My mother also uses the same sesame grater for more than 30 years!




Next one is a ball point pen erasing tape.



It’s like an eraser that you can erase what you wrote by a ball-point pen with the tape. And you can write letters on the tape. It’s so handy that it fits into your palm so nicely! And it can erase for 12 meters!!! I even have some kind of crazy “fetishism” toward this.


Next one is an ear wax cleaner! Japanese have dry ear wax in general and many of us secretly love cleaning ears so much. It’s so comfortable and cozy. Most of the ear wax cleaners in Japan shape like scooping small spoons. But this COOL made in Japan ear wax cleaner is so smart that it can clean your ear wax three times cleaner. It’s like hop, step, and jump!




The next pic is  citrus cutters which my mother recommended me to buy.



Citrus such as a pomelo has a very hard skin. And cutting the peel with a knife is bothersome, but these smarties help me to cut the peels so easily.


And the last one is a boxed tissue.



I was so impressed with the cutting of it. One place is like a valve so that the top part of the tissues won’t tear off. Most of the time first 10 or so tissues tend to tear apart when you just open, but a las! Tissues from this box don’t tear apart when taking out. I want to clap hands to the technician who designed this boxed tissue!


In this blog, I always “flatter” the coolness of Japan. But I believe in the concept of Cultural Relativism. And I also strongly believe that each culture has their each customs and mentality and philosophy based on their background. It’s so nonsense if one culture speaks ill of other cultures. It’s not superior nor inferior. The beauty of diversities is something we all need to accept. I’m so proud of being Japanese, but my most favorite motto I have is being a global citizen and being a cosmopolitan. As I’m fluent in English and I have an American accent, so some of foreigners asked me if I was 100% Japanese. Or some people told me that I look like a Jew. A guy told me that I’m a true cosmopolitan once. To receive such comments is something that really encourages me.


And that’s it for today, have a good day and night to you all! With good vibrations!



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