Lifestyle in Fukuoka, we love strawberries

Hi there! Today I want to share my lifestyle in Fukuoka, Japan. Fukuoka is famous for very delicious strawberries called AMAOU in spring time. The strawberries are so sweet and chewy. When you have a bite, so fragrant juice spreads out in your mouth. Every spring I buy strawberries so often and I always look forward to eating the delicious strawberries. The strawberries, AMAOU are quite popular in other countries and many tourits from abroad love bringing  them back home in spring time.



This is AMAOU strawberry French Toast I ordered last spring at a local cafe in Fukuoka. If you come to Fukuoka in spring time, you must visit a local cafe to order straberry sweets. I promise you will be quite impressed! And not only Fukuoka AMAOU, there are many other kinds of strawberries all across Japan in spring, so you can try out good strawberries anywhere in the nation.


Next I want to show you my KIMONO OBI bag. I designed and handsewed  2 KIMONO OBI bags. The KIMONO OBI is a vintage cloth which is more than 60 years old. I got the KIMONO OBI from my English student. And I use the bag for my dailylife. I love the design so much. Many of Japanese ladies keep unused KIMONO or KIMONO OBI at home and they are really beautiful. Nowadays very few Japanese ladies wear KIMONO for everyday life, so it’s such a pity that this wonderful culture is not paid much attention. Recently, it’s getting popular to make something new out of old unused KIMONO or KIMONO OBI.




And lastly, there is a goat nearby my house. It is kept as a pet and sometimes it’s taking a walk with the owner. I don’t know why but he makes me happy every time I come across!



That’s all for today, sending out good vibrations from Fukuoka, Japan! See you soon!



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