Origami Workshop

Hello, how are you doing? Today, changing the perspective from usual and I want to hold an origami workshop for you all. Origami is Japanese traditional culture, and it is a colored or traditional patterned square paper. Historically, Japanese children play with it by using scissors or folding in many ways. Almost all the Japanese play with origami in their childhood, and it is used for education in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school. By that reason, I assume large number of grownups still remember how to fold origami by heart. Last winter, my niece learned how to make origami snowflakes at her preschool and she was so fond of it. Then she had a snowflake cutting workshop for me.


Folding origami tiny and cutting it several parts. Then you open it and Ta-da! You can come across such beautiful snowflakes. Snowflakes in nature are all different shapes and sizes, there is no same one. Just like that, all the origami snowflakes are different in a lovely way.


Next, I want to show you “shriken”, that of Ninja’s weapon. Actual “shriken” that Ninja used in the old days is made of iron, though. Whenever Japanese kids play Ninja, it’s a must to fold and prepare this “shriken” beforehand. I think plenty of Japanese played this Ninja “shriken” in their childhood.


These “shriken” are made with chiyogami, traditional pattered square paper. As you can imagine, origami and geometry have deep connections. It is studied in a field of mathematics also. It is widely believed that Japanese people are good at mathematics since before, I think there is something to do with the culture that playing origami occasionally in the childhood. And also, it is eye-opening to see the influence that origami gave to the world. “Miura-Ori” that a professor of University of Tokyo (Institute of Space and Astronautical Science)  invented during the process of studying artificial satellite recieved inspirations from origami. Origami become an universal word that it is on Oxford English Dictionary.


It is often said that Japanese people are crafty and we are perfectionist so that products that Japanese make are meticulous and trustworthy. Made-in-Japan is highly evaluated all over the world. And the background reason can be found that Japanese are so accustomed to making small and delicate things such as origami from early age.


Origami also gave so many inspirations and ideas to designers and artists all around the globe. Various kinds of outfits such as clothings or shoes or accessories, and furniture such as lampshades and tables and chairs were made inspired by origami. If you are interested, go check out this website.


Making an origami camera.


This is the camera.


You ought to draw a portrait beforehand and put it in the camera, then you take a picture and pick out the photo from inside. This camera is so cool that if you push the back, it opens the front and you can actually “take a picture”. When people overseas learn Japanese culture, origami is often used for a teaching material. You can actually fold origami and experience Japanese culture at hand. It is very popular all over the world. And interestingly, it is a piece of cake for Japanese to fold origami since we played when little. However, it is quite challenging technique for many people abroad.


That’s all for today. Love and peace to the world!


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