Sweets and Confectionery

Hi there! How are you doing? Hope you are doing great. Today, I want to write about sweets and confectionery that you can eat in Japan. I’m focusing on Western origin sweets here. After the World War Ⅱ, large number of Japanese chefs who wanted to learn the art of confectionery went to France. And they made all kinds of efforts to master baking and sweets making. The chefs brought back all the elaborate techniques and knowledge to Japan and later on, the rich confectionery culture is thriving affluently here. Some people say that the richness of our sweets culture has got ahead of France. Japanese are very delicate and in detail when making something, and we are so fond of making diligent efforts to create something and we desire to better up as much as we can. The most delicious cake that I’ve tasted in my whole life was in Kobe. Kobe is a cross-cultureral port city that many countries cultures are flooded into. The top notch cake was an orange cake that the bavarois mousse was like a dream. Another confectionery that was so good in a patisserie in Kobe was used 4 different kinds of butter to make one.


Look at these confectionery. Isn’t it lovely?  The inside of the patisserie was like a wonderland and all the girls and girls alike would feel so happy. Many of the shops in Japan are decorated like this and they welcome customers in such a charming way.


However, we don’t eat such gorgeous cakes for every day. It is a special occasion to eat these adorable sweets, such as a celebration or birthday or payday or for splurge. Therefore, all the people who choose their cakes at a shop look so bubbly and lovely. We enjoy seasonal cakes using seasonal fruits or ingredients. From winter to spring, there are many kinds of strawberry cakes. In early summer, peach cake is popular. In mid-summer grape jelly is good. And in autumn, apples and chestnuts and sweet potatoes are used for cakes and pies. Of course, there are chocolate cakes or matcha green tea cakes throughout the year, and many kinds of fruit cakes and raspberry mousse are so tasty as well. Sweet and slightly dangerous temptation is endless…


On the contrary, there also are plenty of men who don’t have guts to go in such excessively romantic patisserie to shop for confectionery. Even though, they are so very fond of cakes! So for such people, there is another choice. We have a convenience store sweets culture. You can buy various kinds of cakes and sweets at a local convenience store. It is called “conbini sweets”. Japanese convenience stores keep making tremendous efforts to produce good quality sweets. It is so surprising to know their perseverance.


The price range is also affordable compared with patisserie cakes that are 100% made by patissier, aka cake chefs. Convenience store sweets are all made at a factory and it doesn’t cost too expensive. But don’t misunderstand!  The taste of  “conbini sweets” is  amazing as well. If you have a chance to come visit Japan, please shop for confectionery at a lovely patisserie and buy a “conbini sweets” at a convenience store. It sure is fun to compare and contrast each dessert. Japan is a country that has richly layered culture, and there is such mesmerizing depth.


That’s all for today. Blessings to each one of you, but don’t spoil yourself utterly by eating too much sweets and confectionery!


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