PENS and MARKERS, ~the joy of writing~

Hello, how are you doing? Today I want to write about stationaries such as pens or markers. I use these stationaries every single day and I have some sort of very strong attachment toward them. I don’t know the reason why, but for me, the act of “writing” is directly connected to the way of my own “living”. It is 21st century and the word “writing” is sliding into the act of “typing on a computer using your 10 fingers” or “tapping on a screen of a smart phone”. However, if you are a type of a person who is driven to write by some kind of strong force, it is inevitable to do the act of “holding a pen and writing on a notepad” quite frequently, like 3 times a day. I ponder about slightly philosophical theme from time to time.


And when I think over more and more, I hit on an interesting idea. Japan is a country that has 1000 years of history of women literature, and my instinct tells me that the genes of Japanese women possess DNA that is so very fond of “writing”. There is no scientific proof or anything, but I like to associate this or that in a free way.


Many of Japanese, especially women love pens and markers. People overseas look up at the rich selections of the products in Japan as well.


Plenty of Japanophiles love shopping for pens and markers whenever they have a chance to come visit Japan. And  large number of people who come to Japan for the very first time get so excited to see these selections and they spend some good time choosing over their favorite ones. You can try writing most of the pens before buying, and you can enjoy the slight difference of each pen. All the pens are so high tech and you can enjoy very delicate texture each. I think it is literally astonishing.


Pen, white board markers, erasing tape, and the refills each. I use them for my job for teaching English and writing. I think there are many people who have never heard of “erasing tape”. It is a white tape you cover on your words that you miss-spelled and on top of the white tape you can rewrite words. I know the idea is so meticulous and I’m proud of  Japanese spirit that led to invent such products.


Among people who love “writing”, there are many of them who enjoy it as a hobby that can be artistic in a way. This is a very interesting book that covers “how to make a lovely notebook”. It is so fun to see the ideas and very intriguing.


Here I want to show you the backstage of this blog. I write each one of the blog article on a notepad first and reread it many times. I make a tune of each words by checking the rhythm in between. Then I type it on a computer screen then translate the Japanese into English. And I do love all the procedures from the bottom of my heart.


In addition to that, I want to show you some travelogues of my own. I love making a “travel journal” each time I go traveling. Make a plan of the trip and check the info of the city map and hotels. Make sure the place of an airport. Make lists of what to do and things I want to try. Write down things to bring and souvenir list and memorize names of the subway stations. By doing so I come to have a whole image of the city I am visiting. The process of having dots at first then lines come up then  surfaces come along and the whole image make a picture in my mind is nothing but so very special.


Japanese stationary companies make all kinds of trials and errors to help us “writing”. They are amazingly innovative and wonderfully creative. “To make the world a little better place by using creativity with much diligence” is something so beautiful and Japanese people are so passionate about it. I believe it is one of the virtue of Japanese.


***I’m writing this blog for Tokyo Architecture Walking Tour Showcase Tokyo, and they are preparing to start a new activity in collaboration with NOHGA HOTEL that includes making your own personal notebook at KAKIMORI in Ueno. I would love to go to this KAKIMORI stationary shop as it seems so crafty and creative that all the people who love “writing” can’t miss.

Well, that’s all for today. Blessings to you all!



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