Kabuki Actor Ebizo and Yamakasa

Hello, everyone. Munakata city in Fukuoka prefecture where I live is famous for Munakata Shrine that has an ancient history. It is UNESCO world heritage site. And at our Munakata Shrine, Kabuki that Japan treasures gave a public performance. Kabuki is the masterpiece of Japan and UNESCO cultural heritage declared it as one of the best arts in the world. Kabuki is an art hand down traditionally in a Kabuki family. This time, Narita family which Japan famous Kabuki Actor Ebizo belongs came to perform.


Have a reference about Kabuki here

This is Ebizo.


In old Japanese, good looking guy who is unbelievably attractive is called “sexy guy like a kabuki actor”. This phrase perfectly suits Ebizo who had many love affairs since young.


This is a poster of Kabuki performance.


At the outside venue in the twilight, Ebizo danced wildly in the spotlight. He stepped on dynamically and the way he moved was so alluring. I was intrigued by him and watching him attentively. A Japanese expression “fascinatingly sexy guy” came up in my mind. When Ebizo had a performance in France, French news paper Le Monde reported him as “young and beautiful, who especially has killer eyes”. I think that kind of charm doesn’t need to be interpreted. The appeal goes beyond languages and cultures just nonchalantly.

夜の帳が降りた後の野外の舞台で、スポットライトに照らし出されて海老蔵が舞い、大きく足踏みをする姿を夢中になって目で追っていると、「水も滴るいい男」という言葉も頭に浮かんで来ます。フランス公演をした際に「ル・モンド紙」は海老蔵のことを「若くて美男で特に”必殺の視線” を持っている」と報じたそうですが、恐らくそういう魅力はきっと言葉や文化をひらりと越えゆくものなのでしょう。

The venue in the dusk, taking a photo during the performance was prohibited.


At first, I was worried if the content of Kabuki was too difficult to figure out. However I paid for an ear-phone-guide for 700 yen and it helped a lot. I learned the story of Kabuki was very simple. You can rent an English ear-phone-guide at some venues. I highly recommend for those who are non-Japanese-native speakers.


For this special occasion, another UNESCO cultural heritage Gion Yamakasa was demonstrated in the interval. Gion Yamakasa has more than 200 years of history. Lanterns that carry a candle each inside were built upon by men power only just in front of me. It was absolutely breathtaking.


I was fascinated and went to the front line to take pictures. All the guys looked so vigorous and handsome, I could tell that they are very proud of their traditional culture. I enjoyed every bit of Kabuki and Yamakasa at Munakata Shrine. I thoroughly appreciated traditional arts that have been passed down from generation to generation in Japan. Not only beautiful, yet somehow mysterious. I was so blessed to be able to experience this Japanese exquisiteness in that evening.


That’s all for today. Abundant blessings to each one of you!


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