Manga Culture 4, -Captain Tsubasa-

Hi there. I hope you are doing great. I keep writing about Manga Culture. Continuing from Manga Culture 3, -the long history-. I’ve wrote 6 articles regarding manga so far. Please take your time to read those articles if you are interested. I promise that you would have fun to know the geeky culture of ours!

皆さん、こんにちは。Manga Culture 3, -the long history- の続きを書いて行きます。マンガに関する記事は今までに六本書いていますので、ご興味のある方は是非お読みくださいませ。

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Otaku=Geek, the art of classification

I’m pretty sure that many of Japanese are proud of manga and anime culture that gave huge impacts on people all around the globe. At the previous soccer FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russina, Robert Lewandowski, the representative of Poland was saying in an interview that he grew up watching Japanese anime “Captain Tsubasa”. Also, Fernando Torres who was transferred to J1 Sagan Tosu this summer said he started to play football after  watching  “Captain Tsubasa”. Torres was a Spanish national team player and participated in FIFA World Cup in 2006, 2010, and 2014, three times in a row. Isn’t it mind-blowing the influence of anime that raised the super stars by planting seeds when child?


Coincidently, Fukuoka Hakata Hankyu department store was having an exhibition of Captain Tusbasa, so I just stopped by.


Life-sized Tsubasa was shooting a goaaaaaaaaaaal!


Not only “Captain Tsubasa”, but also “Dragon Ball” and “Doraemon” are widely popular all over the world. An editor of  “Shonen Jump”, Japanese leading manga comic magazine that has 50 years of history, says the most popular mangas share the same message; if you tackle on your dreams and goals as much as you can, the dreams will eventually come true. The statement is so simple yet very powerful. Cherish friendship and perseverance, and your efforts that require so much hard work and pain are sure to bear fruit. And if glancing through the spirit from a big picture, it can be said that the spirit  is passed down from historical bushido and samurai mentality of Japan.


If you are determined to achieve something and never give in to any hardships and keep challenging no matter what, the attitude will give plentiful good influence on others and they also get some inspirations from you. The pure and genuine vibrations echo through the world preserving the pureness.  I strongly believe this is something sincerely beautiful. Manga is a kind of literature of Japan that transformed into a different shape. And also it is an independent art that has unique and intriguing charm. It sure is very amusing and interesting, as well as charismatic.


That’s all for today. To be continued. Blessings to each one one you!


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