Manga Culture 2, -the diversity-

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(I’ve wrote about manga related articles 4 times before. Please read the previous posts if you are interested! マンガ関連の記事は過去に4記事書いていますので、ご興味があればご一読を!)
Manga Culture 1, -our geeky spirit-
We love MANGA, Asari chan
We love MANGA, kochi-kame
Otaku=Geek, the art of classification

As I’ve discussed on the previous article, manga culture is deeply rooted in our Japanese geeky spirit. Now that manga culture is thriving richly all across the country and went beyond the oceans. It is not an exaggeration to say that people all over the world adore manga and anime so passionately.


It is something to do with our geeky spirit that we, Japanese are so meticulous and immaculate. We make categories of all sorts of manga and we systematize them. Interesting thing is that it is not only for manga genre, but we give some decency and order to any objects and issues. In the world of manga, we make a clear definition for any type of manga and target readers are consciously settled beforehand.


Target readers are categorized for Girls’ Manga, Boys’ Manga, Ladies’ Manga, Men’s Manga, and so on.


In modern days Japan, manga is becoming like a substitute for literature. Therefore, almost everything and anything are expressed and featured in manga. I’ll show you how diverse the world of manga is. There are School Manga (school days of elementary school to university days), Adventure Manga, Love Romance Manga, Business Manga ( human relations in an enterprise, or social economic issues are dealt with), Manga of Housewives’ Daily Lives, Historical Manga (Japanese History, Chinese History, and French History are especially popular), Suspense and Mystery Manga, Medical and Hospital Manga (Doctors’ stories are popular), Cooking and Foodie Manga, Nightclub Business Manga, SF Fantasy Manga, Yakuza Manga, Gambling Manga, Sports Manga, and many more. In short, it can be said it’s so hard to find something that is not focused on manga yet.


I think it is quite eye-opening to know that we Japanese dig up the world of manga so deeply and very widely. I hope you enjoy by getting some knowledge of the cultural background of manga in Japanese society. Yes, Japan is such a unique and interesting country. To be continued…

Blessings to each one of you! See you soon!



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